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The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes August 2019

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Audrey Weber

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It was a Hot Podcast Summer!*

In between taking some well-deserved PTO and caring for our Dogs of Outreach, we released some informative, inspiring podcast episodes.


Our guests this August shared their wisdom on hiring, forecasting, passionate selling and more.

You deserve a break too, so grab a chair (and a dog, if you have one) and catch up on the latest Sales Engagement Podcast episodes.

Read on for the most listened-to episodes in August.

1. The Future of Marketing in B2B Sales

Carman Pirie, Cofounder of Kula Partners


Carman Pirie has been in the biz for over 15 years, so he knows better than most people how connected sales and marketing need to be for the success of your customers and your business.

He advocates an always be helping mentality, which is more effective in the long run at helping companies humanize their marketing and sales.

Here are our top takeaways:

  1. Ask yourself: do you have an unlimited prospect funnel? If not, you may need to reshape your thinking into a client centered mindset.
  2. BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline) is outdated and bunk.
  3. Check yourself: are you too influenced as a marketer by the way SAAS companies market?

If you found these topics interesting, give the rest of the podcast a listen and share your thoughts in the comments.

2. Passionate Selling

Jacki Leahy, Director of Revenue Operations at LinkSquares


In order to excel in a difficult sales environment, it takes a lot of hustle, a lot of drive, and even more passion.

Let us introduce you to the passion-sales expert: Jacki Leahy.

Jacki Leahy is a self-described weapon of friendliness with an award-winning personality that allows her to be persistent if customers get upset or hang up the phone. She has a personal mission to engage and interact with people, even when they hate being called on the phone.

Her experience as a sales guru has helped her to adopt an extraordinary set of principles that can help any salesperson no matter what they are selling.

To learn more about these principles - plus Jacki’s 4 Selling Secrets - listen to the episode.

3. How Specialization within Roles Creates a Better Sales Process

Stephanie Jenkins, VP of Sales at Glassdoor


You can bet that the leaders at Glassdoor have their finger on the pulse of what makes an organization run smoothly, and what makes employees happy.

Stephanie Jenkins isn’t just the VP of Sales at Glassdoor, she is also the woman responsible for making sure that Glassdoor’s employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to sell.

Stephanie came on the podcast to share with us how sales role specialization creates more team efficiency and success. She also shared five tips for optimizing conversion rates.

“Repetition creates clarity and facilitates better scheduling because you know where your attention should be directed.”

Listen to Stephanie's episode for her expert advice on leadership, management, and delegation in a large company.

Do you have a favorite episode? Or more great sales engagement podcasts that you listen to? Share them in the comments!

*Don't know the meme? Let Vox explain.

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