The Top 5 Unleash '19 Moments!

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Forget the post-Unleash blues, we are still in a celebratory mood! Thanks to every one of the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and Outreach team members who made Unleash ‘19 so exceptional, we have had an outpouring of love from our customers and the Sales Engagement community over the past week!

The verdict is in, Unleash ‘19 was a SMASH HIT!

Take a (short) trip down memory lane as we relive the highlights THE sales engagement conference of the year. Here are the top five Unleash ‘19 moments:

1. The Outreach Executive Keynotes

Might be biased, but IMHO the most exciting moment of Unleash ‘19 was most definitely hearing about the future of the Outreach platform and community from our fearless leaders, Manny Medina, Anna Baird, Max Altschuler, and Andrew Kinzer!

Manny made it clear that he is obsessed with our customers and his enthusiasm was contagious. Anna focused on the importance of the Sales Engagement community and Outreach’s leadership role in that community. Andrew took a deep dive into the innovative offerings Outreach is releasing.

Speaking of community, Max unveiled how we are taking our relationships with our partners and integrations to a new level: the Outreach Galaxy.

The Outreach Galaxy is our commitment to bringing all your sales actions into a single workflow within the Outreach platform. Integration partners are now more deeply connected so together we can bring you new, faster, and better ways to engage with your prospects.

Best of all, Manny gave the audience copies of The Sales Engagement Book, Oprah-style! Everyone was buzzing with excitement.

Didn’t get to see the executive presentations, or want to relive the best moments? Watch the video.

Manny presentation

2. Women in Sales & Tech Breakfast

Our commitment to #community doesn’t stop with the Galaxy. Our mission is to level the playing field in sales and give all salespeople the tools they need to succeed. This goes beyond the capabilities of the Outreach platform to include support for sales training and mentoring organizations, including #GirlsClub and Women Sales Pros.

The Women in Sales & Tech Breakfast brought many of the world’s top sales pros into one room. The focus of the discussion: how sales leaders can use their powers for good and encourage diversity in their organizations.

We learned a lot about hiring and promoting for diversity in sales! And we are always honored to support #GirlsClub’s mission to help women in sales gain confidence to apply for leadership positions.

Unleash Panel

3. Jaimie Buss Fireside Chat

Speaking of powerful women in sales leadership roles, VP of Sales, North America at Zendesk, Jaimie Buss, flew to San Diego especially to sit down with our COO Anna Baird and talk about what it takes to be a great leader.

Zendesk’s customer support software is practically a household name in the SaaS community, and as the head of their 110+ sales team for the last three years, Jaimie’s exceptional leadership has contributed a lot to that success.

The keynote presentations will be released soon so you can relive Jaimie and Anna’s conversation or watch it for the first time.

Unleash Panel

4. Nick's Kick Ass Sequences

Outreach CSM and author of one of our most popular blog posts of all time, How to Create Outbound Sales Sequences that Kick Ass (And Convert!), Nick Hart took the stage in the main tent for Part 2 of his sequence expertise: Do Your Sequences Kick Ass?

Nick got everyone in the audience asking themselves:

  • Am I certain my sequences are cutting it?
  • What do all of those numbers actually mean?
  • Do I have the right number of steps?
  • Are my emails actually performing well?

Stay tuned for another sure-to-be top-rated blog article featuring Nick’s latest and greatest sales sequence techniques.

Unleash Panel

5. Rewind 90s Party

Reverse, reverse! We rewound the clock back to the days of denim overalls, slap bracelets, and Destiny’s Child for the Rewind 90s Party!

The band, Saved By the 90s, rocked the house and had everyone gettin’ down to Diddy and singing “Wonderwall.”

Definitely the most memorable Unleash party to date!

Unleash Rock Band

What were your favorite #Unleash19 moments? Let us know in the comments!

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