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The Top 10 Sales Engagement Articles in 2018

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It's been a great year for Sales Engagement! The industry is growing rapidly with more integrations, podcasts, artificial intelligence, funding, and conferences than ever. 

If you're reading this now, you are probably regularly (or at least dabble in) reading the Outreach blog to stay up to date on product news, the latest best practices, and what's going on in the space in general.

This year, we improv-ed; we Unleashed; we went #BeyondtheNumber (several times); we prepped you to cold call, email, and even double your team's output.

Long story short, we've put out a ton of good stuff.

Without further ado, here are the 10 Outreach blog posts with the most views in 2018!

10. Yes, And: How Learning Improv Made Me Better at Sales


Readers love the improvisation techniques that Solutions Consultant Andrew Mewborn has applied to sales! Read his inaugural blog post - the first in a 3-part series - for new skills that will help you become better on the phone with customers or prospects, presenting ideas, or even interacting with others in the workplace.

9. Mark Your Calendars: Unleash '19 Dates Announced!


Our followers were just as hyped as we were when the Unleash '19 dates were announced in September! Maybe it was the snazzy 2018 highlights video at the top of the post, or the fact that it's happening two months earlier, or the promise of tickets to come...

It's even better now because tickets are available on the website! Early Bird pricing ends January 7, 2019, FYI.

8. Why The Four Tendencies are your Sales Secret Weapon


Clearly, some of you have felt like psychotherapists in your sales meetings because you really liked this post inspired by Habits Researcher Gretchen Rubin's recent book, "The Four Tendencies." Rubin's four personality types - Upholder, Questioner, Rebel, and Obliger - are applied to sales with advice for how to identify, challenge, and motivate each type of prospect.

7. From President's Club to Chronic Pain


One of the most inspiring articles in our Beyond the Number series, father and Outreach Senior Account Executive, Eddy Lindenstein, shares how how his career in sales started a battle with chronic pain and how working with a therapist helped him change his mindset and put him on the road to recovery. If you've ever felt stressed or overwhelmed at work, this one's for you.

6. How I Built an SDR Assembly Line with Outreach and Doubled my Team’s Output


A must-read for anyone building or scaling an SDR team! Senior Director of Sales Development for SmartRecruiters, Taft Love, outlines his tried-and-true process for leveraging outsourcing and technology to create an efficient, super-charged Sales Development strategy.

5. Succeeding in Sales While Managing Depression


Liston Witherill closed huge deals, boosted close rates, drove dramatic increases in revenue, and even built his own successful agency, all while dealing with periodic depression. He shared three simple tips that worked for him in our Beyond the Number series, and you listened.

4. Three Winning Sequences Formulas You Can Implement Today


These three sequences for Tier 1, 2, and 3 accounts are timeless. Easy to implement and sustainable to follow, it's no wonder this article comes in at #4.

3. 15 words and phrases to remove from your sales vocabulary immediately


We interviewed our leadership team to learn the words and phrases they never want to hear a rep say on a cold call, and this is what we got - PURE GOLD! 

Train your reps to avoid these dirty-fifteen at all costs, and to follow our best tips for effective cold calling, and they'll have more confident, impactful conversations with your prospects. 

2. Catchy email subject lines for sales that get opened up to 42% of the time


Is it this dashing, bow-tied gentleman or the list of super-effective email subject lines that made our readers love this article time and time again? Why can't it be both?

We analyzed tens of thousands of our own emails to find the top five subject lines, all with between a 29% and 43% open rate! If your emails don't measure up, read the article. If you don't know the open rates of your emails... get ye to a Sales Engagement platform.

1. Prepare for the “no” and 4 other cold call strategies to fire up your cold calls


And finally, cold calling was HOT in 2018 because this post with five recs for cold call success got major views! We analyzed data from over one hundred thousand calls to identify common objections as well as best practices. 

Going into 2019, cold calling is still the best way to connect with busy or reluctant prospects - no wonder this article is No. 1!

Happy New Year! Here's to crushing your goals in 2019 and beyond!

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