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Engaging Smarter at Dreamforce: The Outreach Lounge Wrap Up

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Audrey Weber

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You know how the real stars of the Thanksgiving dinner table are the side dishes? Dreamforce may have been the main event and the center of the action in San Francisco last week, but the events at the Outreach Lounge were what had everyone coming back for seconds (or thirds, or fourths...).

The Outreach Lounge was the place to be during Dreamforce last week in San Francisco. There was always something going on, people to talk to, and open bar (I would know - I spent the whole week there).

Overheard in the Lounge:

  • "Good to see you, I'd like you to meet So-and-so, I've been wanting you guys to meet for a while." (Après Force Happy Hour)
  • "This has been the best food, the best drinks, the best everything that I've been to all week!" (Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast)

Here are highlights from the presentations, panel discussions, happy hours, and more.


Scott Barker, Krystan Resch (Zoominfo), Patrick Moran (Seismic), and Lauren Alt (Outreach) shared tactical plays for account-based sales.

Brooke Bachesta, Bobby Narang (Opensense), Jeffrey Winters (Sapper Consulting), and Udi Ledergor (Gong) discussed how orgs can get attention and stand out in a crowded market.

Lori Richardson (Women Sales Pros) hosted a panel discussion with Nicolette Mullenix (Snowflake), Lauren Trudeau (Outreach), and Shep Maher (Betterworks) on 5+ Ways to Make Your Sales Culture Better.


Outreach Sales Manager Alex Kremer walked us through how Outreach achieved a $1 billion valuation by generating 90% of revenue from cold outbound prospecting.

Ralph Barsi ( presents three legit approaches to prospecting, centered on mindset, attraction, and execution.

Anna Baird of Outreach and Kristina McMillan of TOPO shared their perspectives on the rapid evolution of sales technology, along with the key trends in sales that TOPO is watching for 2020.


Image-from-iOS-17.jpg#asset:10765The C-level executives who joined our Chef's table brunch sure had to multitask: brunching, drinking, making connections with fellow sales leaders, and watching the Day 1 keynote presentation.

IMG_8203.JPG#asset:10766After each long and hectic day attending sessions and scoping booths, we relaxed with drinks, snacks, and hundreds of our valued customers and sales community members.

A million thanks to our Lounge sponsors Seismic, Opensense, Gong, Sapper Consulting, and Zoominfo for turning our sales engagement and community-building dreams into reality.


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