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The First Outreach #ReachOut

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Kristin McLerran

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Last week, we held our first #ReachOut at the offices of Glassdoor Chicago! One of our wonderful customers, Joseph Mullen, the Sales Strategy Manager at LearnCore, had the chance to attend our first user meetup. Check out his perspective on the event and building relationships in the Chicago tech community:

"I’m moving into a new role in sales strategy & planning at LearnCore, and one of my responsibilities is Outreach effectiveness. I’ve used Outreach for a few months now, but I’ve only scratched the surface of the platform’s potential.

The Outreach meetup offered a great opportunity to learn from people in similar roles, as well as front-line managers & reps. One key takeaway was the value of triggers. I had used them sporadically in the past, but I’m excited to start incorporating them more frequently into my team’s sequences.

I’m a big fan of the Chicago tech community. Everyone is down to Earth & focused on improving their game. As Kanye West puts it, “we don’t stop, we don’t quit.” I’m excited to host a future event to continue to build my Outreach skills, as well as Chicago’s Outreach community!"

In case you were still wondering, what is a ReachOut?

ReachOuts are friendly gatherings where you can meet, eat and drink your hearts out in the company of other sales excellence enthusiasts. A ReachOut is a small, casual, free event organized by Outreach users across the world. Each ReachOut is inspired and hosted by users like you, and are not necessarily “official” Outreach events (but sometimes are).

Ready to ReachOut?

At Outreach HQ, we provide support to the organizers with advice, promotion and swag, and we encourage anyone to organize and/or attend a meetup in your area.
If you want to host a ReachOut, let us know below.