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Salt Lake City Summit Wrap-Up

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Kristin McLerran

Customer Marketing


Last Wednesday, we held the inaugural Outreach Summit in Salt Lake City, where members of all different Outreach teams gathered in Utah to unite our local customers. The event included an exclusive product training, customer speakers from Domo and Proofpoint, and in true Outreach style, a ridiculous ice-breaker card game and plenty of Outreach swag (including my personal favorite, Outreach Hero socks!).

As the Customer Marketing Associate, it’s my job to connect with our customers, hear their stories, and even more importantly, connect them with each other. The Summit was the perfect opportunity to execute on all of these responsibilities. Here are the three moments and ideas that stood out to me the most about our Salt Lake City event.

We have so much to learn from our customers. Jordan Greene, Director of Product Marketing, and Andrew Kinzer, Chief Product Officer, presented a session on our product roadmap and Outreach’s vision of the future. This session gave Summit attendees exclusive access to hearing about our new features first--from the most recent updates on Sales Intelligence Tiles to the upcoming Calendaring feature--but it also provided us with the opportunity to hear their questions and feedback first-hand. At Outreach, we build our product around customer requests, needs, and pain points; so when is a better chance to do so than when you’re in a room with nearly 100 Outreach experts? The questions and feedback we heard from Summit attendees will go directly into product development, an opportunity we absolutely covet.


Our customers also have a ton they can learn from each other. During the Summit, our wonderful SDR Manager Alex Lynn presented on how Outreach Uses Outreach. We believe that sharing the secrets to our own success provides a ton of value to our customers. However, not every example we give is going to be perfect for every customer. Hence: the Customer Story sessions at the Summit, in which two of our customers present the details of their success stories, in order to provide attendees with actionable insights and secrets they can bring back to their own teams. Dan Wells of Domo, our first customer speaker, offered an excellent tip: know your customers, and focus and tailor your messaging to prospects. Dan and his team simplified 1,500 sequences down to 20 by doing just this. The more successful use cases we can present, the more likely we will be able to help all of our customers flourish!

The Summit wasn’t just about networking: it was about building a community for our users in their own hometown. Salt Lake City is a burgeoning hub for tech companies. Adobe, Ebay, Instructure, and so many others call the Salt Lake area their home. Our second customer speaker, Russell Petty of Proofpoint, made a point of emphasizing that he hopes the Summit won’t simply be a one-time networking event; but instead, it would be the launching pad for a true community in Salt Lake City. This was exactly what we Outreachers hope for: that our customers will continue to learn from each other and develop relationships, even after the Summit has come and gone.


This is only the beginning of our Summit Series. We’re starting a movement across the country! Next up we’ll be in New York, San Francisco, and even bringing customers together in our hometown of Seattle. I can’t wait to see the excitement on everyone’s faces as they jump into our training sessions, hear stories from other customers, and of I hand them their hero socks.