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Sigstr Joins the Outreach Galaxy

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Every Sequence has an email and every email has a signature, but few companies are getting the most of an email signature’s valuable real estate. Think about it: every member across your customer-facing teams--SDRs, AEs, customer success--uses some form of an email signature. Your content is optimized--isn’t it time you optimized your email signatures too?

With Outreach Galaxy’s new integration with Sigstr, sales teams can maximize each and every email signature by selecting the content for each based on the prospect’s:

  • Persona
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Stage in the Customer Journey
  • And more!

Sigstr’s centralized controls allows sales organizations to quickly pivot or segment the most relevant content for each customer-facing team. For instance, when your AEs wrap up demos, Sigstr admins can update the email signature to share a link to a case study that fits within that industry or prospect stage. Or, if your company is hosting a Summit Roadshow and wants to advertise last minute ticket sales, you can update the entire SDR team's email signature immediately with a promo code.

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With Sigstr, teams can maximize every email with the right content for each customer.

With Sigstr ads achieving clickthrough rates near 6.5%, this integration enables sales teams to amplify each Outreach email with personalized content at scale, with 100% accuracy.

Some of these features may or may not be available depending on your usage of Sigstr One. For more information, read more on Sigstr’s website and work with your Sigstr rep to understand what's available for your account.