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Outreach Announces Showpad Integration

Stephen Farnsworth, Strategic Programs Manager's Avatar

Stephen Farnsworth, Strategic Programs Manager

The consumer buying experience has significantly changed the way B2B buyers purchase business solutions. Try to think of a time when you bought something without researching it online, checking review sites or asking friends for recommendations first.

That same behavior is now commonplace in B2B sales—with an important distinction.

According to a recent research report by Showpad, “The New B2B Buyer Experience,” even though there’s an endless amount of information available online that can (and does) influence buying decisions, B2B buyers still want to engage with people. In fact, the report found that 70% of buyers prefer to interact with sales reps.

And 38% of buyers find interacting with sellers superior to gathering information on their own.

That presents sales with a unique opportunity. Reps can use curated content to guide prospects through the buying process; sellers have the chance to serve up the right material at the right time to ultimately steer buyers towards a particular solution.

At Outreach, we know the powerful effect that providing meaningful and effective digital resources at key points during the buyer's journey can have on the outcome of a deal. It’s a critical component to a successful sales engagement strategy.

That makes the partnership between Outreach and Showpad, a leading sales enablement platform, a natural (and necessary) fit for today’s modern sales team.

Content + Engagement = Closed/Won

Using Outreach with Showpad boosts sales efficiency and effectiveness by enabling salespeople to find and share relevant content right from within their sales engagement software, the system of action where they live day in and day out.

Reps no longer have to jump from browser tab to browser tab, wasting precious time scouring disparate sites or solutions for that perfect piece of content. With Showpad and Outreach, everything is right there in a single, comprehensive platform so reps can spend less time searching and more time selling.

With the integration in place, Showpad lives directly in sellers’ workflows, improving visibility, and empowering a more personalized content experience for the buyer. Managers can set up reusable sequences and templates so inside sellers are not bogged down by the administrative tasks.

Are you interested in learning more about how Showpad integrates with Outreach and how it might make your inside sales team shine?

Check out our integrations page to learn more and start outselling the competition!

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