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September Product Round-Up

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Chelsey Feldman

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The last month has been an exciting time here at Outreach. We announced the first ever book about Sales Engagement, a new podcast, and #Unleash19 dates (March 10-12 if you haven’t marked your calendars yet). But throughout all the excitement, our Prodgineering team (that’s product + engineering) has been working hard to bring you exciting new features for fall, because the only thing better than the first PSL of the season is some sweet A/B testing. Here’s what we brought you last month:

LinkedIn and Texting Tasks and Sequence Steps


Texting and LinkedIn are some of the best ways to connect with your buyers. Last month, we launched new LinkedIn Sales Navigator task types and Texting task type for Outreach so that it’s easier for reps using Outreach to use these channels and incorporate them into Sequences. These new task types allow reps to perform and execute one-off LinkedIn or Texting tasks or add them to a sequence, while tracking and reporting all activity in Outreach and Salesforce. Read the announcement for more.

New Amplify Capabilities: Phone Number Extraction


From our data, we’ve found that 70% of new contact information in email signatures is missed (yes, you read that right: SEVENTY PERCENT!). Now, Outreach Amplify can extract contact information from a sender's email signature and automatically send reps an inbox notification to update or add the new number to the senders’ profile. Read our blog post for more.

Guided A/B Testing


A/B testing is the only way to know which content is converting the best, but despite our best efforts we often do them wrong, getting invalid results at best and the wrong results at worst. Now Outreach can guide you to create statistically significant A/B tests in your Sequences, no Statistics PhD required! Check out the announcement to learn more and get started today.

Automatic Time Zone Configuration

Timing is everything in sales, but knowing and remembering to use the right timezone for each prospect can be tricky. Now, Outreach will automatically configure the right timezone for prospects located in North America based on their address -- no manual set up required!

Create More Tasks through Triggers

Now you can create an expanded array of tasks through triggers. This includes the new LinkedIn and Texting task types. Check out our Triggers support section for more information on getting set up!