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Q2 Product Roundup

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Rachael Siegel

Associate Product Marketing Manager

We’ve had a busy couple of months at Outreach, which have culminated in a lot of exciting events and feature releases. We started our quarter with the unveiling of our new brand, and introduced two major features - Activity-Based Analytics and Sales Intelligence Tiles.

Activity-Based Analytics provide at-a-glance insights into the data you’re most interested in. With the ability to filter prospects by the segment you need, you’ll know what’s working or have the information you need to make adjustments for a more strategic playbook.

Sales Intelligence Tiles surface information about the prospects and accounts you’re engaging with right where you work. With Sales Intelligence Tiles, you can create the personal connections that build meaningful relationships and help you close more deals.

In June we held our first annual customer conference, Unleash, which was a wild and exciting ride. We loved meeting our customers, hearing their stories, and getting their feedback for future feature development.

The dust hasn’t settled. Our team has been working hard to release the new updates we promised you when we presented our product vision. The first major release, the Outlook Add-In, is already live in the Microsoft Store!

These were the major highlights of the last few months, but it isn’t all of them. Take a look at our Knowledge Base for a full list of feature releases from this quarter, and know that we aren’t stopping anytime soon. In the coming months, expect to see more updates to your inbox, a change in the way you complete your tasks, and an increase in the number of meetings you get on your calendar.

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