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Personalize your discovery calls with data powered by Dark Sky

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It may be called small talk, but it can have a big impact on building rapport with your prospects.

When we recently released sales intelligence tiles, we prioritized bringing you the best, most accurate local weather data with a Dark Sky powered tile. Why? Read on.

Imagine this scenario: You’re a sales rep starting your work day with some outbound calls. You’re based in San Francisco, but your territory is the Midwest. You start dialing through your list and finally a prospect at a company you’ve been targeting in Indiana picks up the phone. YASSS! You politely introduce yourself and give your meticulously researched and practiced pitch. You contact frustratedly tells you it’s a bad time and hangs up. Later that evening as you’re scrolling through Facebook, you find out that a devastating tornado hit Indiana yesterday.

Your stomach sinks as you realize why your prospect was so upset and distracted on the phone. Could you have been less sensitive? You’ve officially displaced that jerk from the cable company who interrupted his anniversary dinner as the worst cold caller they’ve ever encountered.

Now imagine how this scenario could have gone differently: you called this same prospect, having seen the local weather. Your prospect picks up the phone, and you say something like “Hi, this is Chelsey from Outreach. I realize I’m calling you at a horrible time to talk about sales engagement. I just read about the tornado that hit your town. Before we talk business, are you and your family ok?”

What if I told you this wasn’t just some hypothetical scenario, but rather the EXACT conversation our head of product, Andrew, had with an Outreach customer. This customer saw in the news that his prospect’s town had been impacted by a tornado, and used that information to treat his prospect with compassion - like a human rather than a commission magician. Our customer told Andrew, “because I invested in knowing the person I was selling to, we’ve been working together ever since, and he picks up the phone every single time.”

Weather any discovery call with Dark Sky

It’s probably rare that you’ll encounter prospects who just survived a natural disaster on a daily basis. But you will encounter prospects who live in different parts of the country or even the world, and you still need to find common ground with them fast. Stories like these remind us that it’s critical for you to be empowered with seamless access to localized data about your prospects at a glance.

Sometimes what we end up needing on a discovery call is painfully obvious data that’s often so obvious we forget to seek it out. Or maybe it’s that we only have so many hours in the day, and this information, while valuable, just didn’t make the cut. Kind of like local weather data. With localized weather data, you can create a personal connection with prospects - getting to know who they are and what drives them forward both in and out of work - to get to the part of the conversation that matters, with ease.

We’ve embedded an incredibly accurate local weather sales intelligence tile, powered by Dark Sky’s API, that pulls in real-time data based on your prospect’s company address. Dark Sky specializes in weather forecasting and visualization, and they use “scarily accurate robots” to predict the weather with down-to-the-minute precision. When setting out to source localized data, our goal was to give you access to the best, most accurate, most up to date data. Our Dark Sky integration ensures you won’t deal with stale, inaccurate data again.


Small talk might be something we all roll our eyes at, but it’s a seriously underrated form of connecting. That’s why we always default to talking about the weather when we’re in an elevator with someone we awkwardly only kind of know. It sounds too simple to be true, but by knowing a bit about your prospect’s immediate environment - “How’s that sunny week in Seattle treating you? Any weekend plans?” - you can start the conversation in a warmer way (well, maybe unless it’s snowing). It’s the little things that count.

You have a million things to research when preparing for a call, and the weather probably isn’t top of mind. But now that you happen to have it in front of you with sales intelligence tiles, you can make small talk like you’re sitting in the next cubicle and invest time more in showcasing how your team’s technology will change your prospect’s life.

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