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Introducing the New Outreach

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Jordan Greene

Senior Director of Product Marketing

We’re excited to share a new look for Outreach! The New Outreach is built with a beautiful, modern design and focuses on giving sales reps the insights and capabilities they need, right where they work.

Working with customers over the last 3 years has been exhilarating and humbling, more than 1200 Sales Teams and 14k Sales Reps depend on us! We’ve learned a lot about how Sales Reps work. We know our customers have high expectations of us and that’s why we’ve packaged so much of the feedback we’ve received into the New Outreach.

Starting today in the Outreach app, you will see a new design reflecting our new brand along with improvements to primary navigation to give you more working space. Over the next few days, we’ll also be rolling out a new analytics suite built-in throughout the product. Let me introduce you to the New Outreach!

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A Beautiful, Modern Brand and Design

We’ve thoughtfully redesigned our brand to reflect our company and our growing customer base. Since customers spend most of their day in our product we’ve focused on making Outreach a delightful experience; we’ve built a design that is attractive, clean, and beautiful to accomplish this goal.

We’re unveiling a new logo and color palette, both of which you’ll see reflected in the redesign of the product.


Streamlined Navigation and Workflows

Additionally, we’ve focused on simplifying navigation throughout the platform. Our customers spend the majority of their day in our software, so we've benefitted tremendously from learning about how they spend their time in the product. It’s taught us that simplicity is crucial and shown there are places we can make workflows more intuitive. Today we’re taking a big step forward to simplify your experience and improve your daily workflow.

We’ve built around the sales rep, delivering the power and capabilities to execute the tasks you do every day. Starting today, you can expect to find:

  • A Streamlined Navigation - your primary navigation is now simplified and streamlined to give you more working space. You now have the option for an expanded or simplified navigation with a single click and all settings are now located within your profile avatar at the bottom.
  • A New Quick Actions Toolbar - you’ll now find a quick "actions" button in the upper right that dynamically changes based on what you’re doing. We’ve designed this to be fluid so you have the right options available to you wherever you are.
  • New Sort & Filters Drawers - you’ll notice a new side drawer with sort and filter capabilities while you're looking at a list. This new drawer also offers Smart Views.

These are just a few of the new improvements we’re making with the New Outreach. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to add improvements to simplify the experience, improve the workflow, and bring more important tools to the front.

Powerful Analytics, Built-in Right Where You Work

Last year we announced we were building a comprehensive analytics suite. Since then we’ve partnered with more than 140 sales teams to build and improve Outreach Analytics. Their feedback was critical to the product we’ve developed. We heard time and time again the frustration with the traditional approach to reporting - throwing everything into a single reporting section no one visits. They craved for insights built right into their workflow.

That’s why we’re excited to finally announce Analytics to general availability. Throughout this week, we’ll be rolling out access to analytics for all customers. You should expect it live for your account by the end of the week. You’ll discover we’ve focused on giving actionable insights to Sales Reps to help them engage more effectively with prospects and empowering Sales Managers with the data to have meaningful coaching conversations with their team.

Check out the analytics announcement for full details!


The New Outreach is a big step forward in innovation and we have even more planned over the coming months. Join us in Sonoma in June for Unleash 2017 where you’ll hear more!

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