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Outreach Galaxy Spotlight : Vidyard

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Maggie Valentine

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It feels like we blinked and suddenly we’re more than halfway through 2020, and yet the days feel as if they are dragging by and the hours have gotten suspiciously longer in this new remote working environment. Is this even new anymore or is it just normal? Whatever “it” is, we’re all in it together and we all are trying our best to do our jobs and find success for our companies.

For sellers, how do you do your best by showcasing your personality and getting your point across in a very noisy remote working world where we all rely on email and Zoom calls to connect? Sounds like it’s time to fire up the Outreach Galaxy Spotlight and shine a light on Vidyard, the online video tool for sales professionals.

As the Partner Marketer at Outreach, I’m very familiar with video emails but I’ve never actually received one until recently. In the midst of a mundane work from home day, I opened my email to see and hear a smiling face talking to me instead of reading lines of text. It stuck out, it made an impression and despite having a full inbox and other tasks outstanding, I stopped what I was doing and replied immediately. Then, I decided to dig into how this tool benefits Outreach users and you’re going to be glad I did.

Even with all of the changes 2020 has brought, one thing will always remain the same, we love free stuff. Which brings me to my first point, Outreach users can use Vidyard within the platform completely free.

Did you say FREE?

Yes, I did! Once your Outreach Admin has activated the Vidyard Integration in the Outreach platform, simply click on the green Vidyard icon in your email, record and send personalized videos right from the platform.

Record Your Camera Or Screen

Stand out from the competition by using video at every stage of the deal. Reps who use video see up to 5x response rates from prospects. Record introductions, product demos, proposal walkthroughs, and more to get the buy-in you need, or choose from videos already in your library. You can add those videos into your emails, templates, snippets, and sequences in just a few clicks.

Prioritize your Follow Ups

Sell smarter, not harder. Some reps have cut their deal cycles in half by adding video into the mix. Vidyard helps you keep track of which prospects watch your videos, so you can spend less time chasing unqualified leads, and more time following up with the most engaged opportunities.

New Email Window

You may be thinking, It would be great if I could create a trigger to follow-up with the prospect as soon as they watch my Vidyard video! Well your 2020 luck is turning around, because as the Legend who is Beyonce says, “Partner, let me upgrade you.”

By purchasing Vidyard for teams, your team can use Vidyard’s video analytics to set up automatic triggers and actions in Outreach so reps can seamlessly follow up.

Customize the Vidyard Activity You See

Teams can use filters to tailor their views to show their most important activities. Vidyard will notify you when a prospect watches a designated percentage of your video directly into your Outreach activity feed .

Trigger Off Video Views

After your prospect watches your video, use Outreach triggers to customize what action happens next within Outreach.

Book More Meetings with Video

You can also link to your Outreach calendar right from your videos to give your prospects clear and direct next steps after watching.


I won’t claim to have solved all 2020 remote problems. However, by leveraging the power of Outreach and Vidyard, you create the human connection we’re all missing right within your prospect or customer email and turn that connection into action.