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Outreach Galaxy Spotlight : Sendoso

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Pull out your telescopes, it’s time to take a timely look at another Outreach Galaxy integration. In today’s world, how do you continue to let your prospects know you’re thinking of them without coming off as inauthentic? Enter Sendoso, a leading Sending Platform, Sendoso is the most effective way for revenue-driving teams to engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey. Reps can send personalized gifts, branded swag, champagne, succulents, and eGifts at-scale - all with an optional handwritten note. And Sendoso customers have seen significant revenue influence, increase in conversion rates, and time savings per campaign.

Sendoso enables customers to make powerful connections in just three easy steps:

1. Send directly from your Outreach Sequences

Outreach users can automate the sending of digital and physical items right within the platform.

2. Trigger Sequences based on Sendoso activity

Reps can respond based on prospect actions--did they open the email but not redeem the eGift? Was the package delivered? With Outreach, reps can target their response within seconds to keep the momentum going.

3. Customize the Sendoso activity you see

Sendoso will post events directly to your Outreach activity feed so you can track the status of your gift all within Outreach.

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Sendoso is committed to helping customers keep deals moving forward, no matter where they’re working. They have added new features such as Address Confirmation, which allows a recipient to confirm their current address before a package is shipped, as well as numerous new perishable and eGift options available in the platform. These new updates enable customers to ensure their sends are hyper-relevant to the current environment and are valuable to their recipients

“This integration brings together two of the most powerful tools for a sales development organization. SDRs live and breathe inside of Outreach. Adding Sendoso allows you to coordinate your online and offline outreach, engage in unique ways, and follow up automatically when a prospect interacts. The fact that you can incorporate Sendoso into Sequences, make it trackable, and have it ready to launch at the tip of a rep’s finger is incredibly powerful.” - Joe Venuti, VP of Sales Development, Sendoso

Stumped on ways to interact with your prospects during these crazy times? It just takes 3 easy steps with Sendoso to start connecting right away!