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Outreach Galaxy Spotlight : REGIE

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Imagine joining a tech company with zero experience, and that the company you join is the category leader in completely revolutionizing customer engagement. What's more, imagine that this SaaS product also has an entire galaxy of partner technologies that further enhance the user experience, and your job--should you choose to accept it--is to know them inside and out. How would you do this?

Welcome to my dilemma and my solution: The Outreach Galaxy Spotlight. Each month, as I learn about our incredible partners in the Outreach Galaxy, I’ll introduce (or reintroduce) you to these partners who are joining us in this revolutionary movement.

Sequences with REGIE

One of the most powerful aspects of Outreach is the Sequence, but creating an effective Sequence isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. From understanding buyer personas, to utilizing the best times to send, there's a nuance to making a Sequence sing.

Enter REGIE. With its integration to Outreach Galaxy, REGIE helps customers save time and make money by creating better Outreach Sequences, faster. Customers use REGIE to craft Sequences in just a few clicks, reducing the time it takes from hours to minutes.

With REGIE’s “Email Coach” you can build more data-driven Outreach Sequences in three easy steps.

1. Pick Your Buyer Persona

REGIE pulls data from top performing industries, titles, and management levels to help you hone in on the perfect audience right from the get-go. Start each and every campaign with a strategic leg up.

2. Write Your Value Proposition

You don’t have to write full campaigns with Email Coach. Just write in what your company does and REGIE generates the rest of the content automatically based on your selections.

3. Choose Your Voice

Email Coach contains hundreds of proven email templates, introductions, and follow-ups designed to entice and convert your prospects.

REGIE writes a multi-touch Sequence and uploads it directly into Outreach.

REGIE sequence

With REGIE you can stop waiting to launch or worrying about “what should I write?” or “who’s my ideal audience?” because REGIE knows. Start optimizing your Sequences and securing more valuable sales opportunities.

By combining the power of technology with the care of real people, Outreach provides the best of both worlds - showing that amazing growth doesn’t have to be at the cost of client success and customer service,” says TJ Macke, SVP of Strategy at Sapper Consulting &

The best part about using REGIE is that the more it learns, the smarter it becomes. With machine learning, every new campaign becomes your best campaign. If you’re ready to use REGIE’s perpetual optimization to allow your team to create 3x as many SALs & SQLs as before, set up your demo today!

As we continue to look through the telescope at the Outreach Galaxy, feel free to reach out and let us know who you want to learn more about next month!