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Outreach Galaxy Spotlight : LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Outreach have changed the game of prospecting by giving reps a single platform to engage while making conversations more personal. If you’re like me, you may be wondering, “Is there that big of a difference between LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Short answer: YES.

Sales reps use LinkedIn to find key details about a prospect when they’re selling. With your basic LinkedIn account, you can build your personal brand and expand your network, but the ability to leverage it as a useful sales tool is limited.

With Outreach’s integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform, users are able to enhance their experience in Outreach by interacting with the rich professional data in Sales Navigator right where they’re selling.

All Outreach users with Sales Navigator have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator intelligence tiles: Lead and Account, as well as access to Sales Navigator features Data Validation and Tasks.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Tile

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead tile pulls information from the specific lead profile you’re viewing. By simply using the lead tile and loading the prospect overview, your prospect can see you’ve viewed their profile. This tells your prospect you are actively researching and preparing to engage with them. When you enhance a call or manual email with an automatic profile view, you get two touchpoints with one click! Within the Lead tile, there are 3 tabs: Icebreakers, Get Introduced, and Related Leads.


The Icebreakers tab shows you mutual connections and recent activity like shared posts and recently published articles.

Get Introduced

The Get Introduced tab can streamline your referral process by enabling you to ask a mutual connection for an introduction to your prospect through LinkedIn without leaving Outreach.

Related Leads

The Related Leads tab exists to expand your pool of prospects or find a new contact at the same company.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account Tile

The account tile pulls information from the Sales Navigator Account Page on LinkedIn and is an excellent way to look beyond an individual prospect’s information in your account-based sales workflow.

Within the tile, there are 3 tabs: Recommended Leads, Connections, and News.

Recommended Leads

Similar to “related leads,” the Recommended Leads tab helps you find new prospects within a target company.


This tab helps you identify current Connections who you already know and work at the company and may help you get a foot in the door.


With the News tab, access company news and recent employee LinkedIn posts to personalize every sales touch.

News Tab Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tasks

With Linkedin Sales Navigator Tasks, users are able to stay within Outreach to execute tasks such as:

  • Sending connection requests or InMails with custom templates from Outreach
  • Viewing profiles
  • Interacting with posted content (liking, commenting, or sharing)

These task types allow reps to perform and execute one-off tasks or do so within a Sequence, while tracking and reporting all LinkedIn Sales Navigator task activity in Outreach and CRM.

Sales Navigator Tasks

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Data Validation

You may be surprised to know LinkedIn data shows 60% of CRM data is unreliable and one of five decision makers change roles every year. With so many people transitioning between job roles at the moment, some sales motions can appear insensitive if you're not well-informed.

Thankfully, LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Data Validation feature allows you to automatically update your CRM when existing contacts undergo job changes. LinkedIn Sales Navigator adds a new custom field in your CRM called “Not at Company Flag” which will fill in the value “Not at Company” when the contact is not associated with the account according to LinkedIn data.

This data can then be mapped into Outreach, allowing you to do actions like trigger tasks to find new relevant contacts at the account. In these times of so many abrupt furloughs, we’d recommend approaching this with care -- potentially by accompanying any outreach with thoughtful recognition for the tough times we’re facing.

It is important to note these features are only available for Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition customers and require a CRM sync, and are currently only available to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales customers.

Contact triggers

Utilizing only LinkedIn instead of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting is like trying to run a marathon with your shoes tied--you could probably do it, it will just take a lot longer. Change the way you prospect by combining the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Outreach.

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