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Outreach Galaxy Spotlight : Drift & Drift Video

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Maggie Valentine

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There is no doubt salespeople today have it rough. Target account lists aren’t changing during this economic downturn; in fact, they’re growing. You spend most of your days completing sequence tasks hoping your prospects answer your calls or open your emails. But then what happens? Sure, you get a notification when someone has opened your email, but it often ends there, even when you’ve taken the time to enhance and personalize your message.

What if I told you that you could turn your email clicks into real-time conversations?

Enter this month’s Outreach Galaxy Spotlight: Drift and Drift Video.

Drift Video helps salespeople engage with more of their top prospects by adding personalized videos right into their Outreach sequences. They can easily send an intro video, a product demo, or a walkthrough of their pitch deck. The opportunities are endless.

How can you immediately maximize Drift Video’s integration with Outreach? I’m glad you asked.

1. Record videos or GIFs directly from Outreach

Stop sending faceless, robotic emails that get ignored. Start sending rich, personalized messages that stick and convert.

2. Track views and get notified right away

Get instant notifications on desktop or mobile, and see who watched your video and how much

3. Chat live alongside your video

Engage with your customers while they watch. Start a conversation, respond to questions, and book meetings.


Now that you’ve created the perfect video message, how do you make sure you’re utilizing the power of Drift’s technology to immediately engage with your prospect the moment you’ve captured their attention?

By utilizing Drift’s integration with Outreach you can :

1. Drive real-time conversations with all of your Outreach Sequences

When a prospect clicks any link to your website in your Outreach sequence, they’ll be greeted by you (yes, you!) with a personalized Drift message on your website. If you aren't around, no problem — a bot will jump in and book a meeting on your behalf.

2.Get the insights you need to Close deals faster

After a prospect clicks your link and chats with you or books a meeting on Drift, you’ll see a full transcript of the conversation in your Outreach activity feed.

3. Automatically follow up with prospects you chat with In Drift

Now after you chat with a prospect in Drift, you can enroll them in an Outreach sequence.

4. Trigger off external Drift events

After you chat with your prospect on Drift, you can determine whether to keep them in sequence or assign another action. Use Outreach triggers to customize what happens next so prospects get the best experience.

Trigger off of Drift events

By combining Outreach with Drift and Drift Video, sales reps can send personalized video emails that connect buyers with sellers immediately. If you are already an Outreach or Drift admin, set up the integration today in your Outreach Org Settings. If you’re ready to book more meetings, shorten the sales cycle, and deliver the best buying experience for your prospects, request a demo today.