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Introducing Outreach for Account Executives

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Manage pipeline, increase collaboration, and close more deals with Outreach's Sales Engagement Platform

So you’ve got a hot lead, your sales rep has qualified them, and it’s basically a done deal, right? Not so fast. There is a lot of work that happens below the surface between a good discovery call and a signed contract. And it’s your Account Executives (AEs) who are bringing those deals over the line day in and day out.

Sure, they have a flashy reputation, but they’ve earned it. AEs are the moneymakers of your business. And it’s critical that they are working at 100% in a world where they’re juggling dozens of accounts and managing an increasingly larger quota. Unramped, underperforming AEs bear a high opportunity cost for your business, so we want to make it faster and simpler to coach your closers and help them manage the deal cycle while working at peak productivity.

At Unleash, we’re focusing on how your entire customer facing team can become as wildly productive as your reps who are already using Outreach. We’re excited to share the ways your AE team can leverage Outreach to predictably and repeatedly exceed their number while fostering incredible relationships with future customers.

Manage the deal cycle more effectively

Account Executives have a lot on their plate. From making sure they’re on track to hit quota, to re-engaging cold leads, to managing the needs of many different prospects all at once, it’s critical that they have a tool in their arsenal that helps them make the most of their time and move deals forward. There are two vital elements here: transferring information seamlessly through the customer journey and managing opportunities.

As reps hand off new prospects to AEs, those AEs need visibility into processes, messaging, and engagement scores to foster closer collaboration and a seamless handoff. At Unleash, we’re sharing the investments we’re making across all actions – from calls to meetings and beyond – to ensure a top-notch customer experience as they transition to an AE and prevent any critical information from falling through the cracks.

Shared account notes, key contacts, history, and more prevent any information from falling through the cracks (or worse —making the prospect repeat themselves for the 12th time) as an account transitions from the hunter to the closer. Outreach Meetings makes it drop dead simple for a hunter to book a meeting between a prospect and closer, and for prospects to get time on an AE’s calendar in a matter of seconds. And if that meeting doesn’t happen, Outreach’s powerful No Show Rescheduling triggers help the deal move forward by taking immediate action to re-engage prospects who miss a meeting.

We’re excited to release more features that will facilitate seamless call, meeting, and information handoffs over the coming months.

Most importantly, Salesforce Opportunities are how AEs track their pipeline and forecast their performance. Opportunities are a critical way to track how you’re closing revenue.  Soon, we’ll be equipping your closers – and your whole revenue facing team – with the power of opportunity data right in Outreach. AEs will be able to tie actions taken in Outreach back to opportunities. And with the power of Amplify, we’ll be able to analyze all aspect of deals in your pipeline and prioritize the actions most likely to move deals forward.

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Make your AEs wildly productive - wherever they work

AEs are always on the go, from on-site meetings, to conferences, to networking events. It’s critical that they’re able to stay productive no matter where they’re working. Outreach integrates with both Gmail and Outlook to bring robust features into AEs’ inboxes. AEs can send a sequence or prewritten snippet of information right from their inbox and know everything will track back to Outreach. And now they can see engagement insights like click and open tracking without leaving their inboxes, so they can connect with leads when they’re hottest. AEs can also harness the power of Outreach while working in Salesforce or LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the power of Outreach Everywhere.

Outreach also helps AEs collaborate across the revenue team, by staying aligned on a single platform. While they can use Outreach’s robust features where and allows management of all their tools - from email, dialer, and engagement data - in one place. This also increases time for reps to actually sell by automating manual tasks, like following up when a prospect doesn’t pick up the phone or reply to an email, and making it easier to schedule meetings with public calendar links available in Outreach Meetings.

“The last thing I want to do is send multiple emails over the course of a few days in hopes of setting up a meeting. The game changed when Outreach launched Outreach Meetings. I am now able to save hours and sometimes days of time between asking for a meeting and getting it booked.” Kate Batt, Account Executive, Pendo

Get visibility and insights that will bring your team to peak efficiency

It’s critical to enable AEs to get things done efficiently as they work deals. However, what’s the point of doing work if they have no visibility into how it’s paying off? Outreach ensures AEs have visibility into the ROI and effectiveness of every customer or prospect engagement.  

Robust analytics and reporting give teams visibility into what’s working, allowing managers to share best practices across their team and give every rep the tools to be a top performer. AEs can create SmartViews to track their deals and prospects more effectively and leverage the Accounts view in Outreach to manage their pipeline and territories more effectively.

“[Outreach] has created better clarity with the KPIs we do have, and created more consistency in the tracking of those KPIs. After implementing Outreach, we saw very clearly within the first few months the opportunity-create metrics shot up across teams and across all GEOs.” Chris Aker, VP of Global Sales, Eventbrite

Moreover, with revenue attribution, sales teams can connect every activity to its revenue lift, and see exactly which sequences and other actions drive opportunities to close. With Outreach, closers have unparalleled visibility into the optimal ways to invest their time and the expected revenue lift of every activity. With this information, closers can double down on what moves deals forward, discard strategies that don’t work, and better manage their forecasts by tying it all back to opportunity data.

We’re just getting started

We want to make it fast and simple for every member of your revenue team to tap into the power of Outreach. Today, we also announced role-specific onboarding to ensure that as your company grows and scales, your new Outreach users have a perfectly tailored experience to get them a record time to value.

At Unleash, we are sharing our vision for features across all workflows – emails, calls, Meetings, and more -- that will help AEs close deals faster and more predictably. We’re excited to extend the power of our customer engagement platform to every member of your revenue team to drive peak performance and revenue efficiency.

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