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The Outreach + Drift Integration Is Now LIVE!

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Engage Your Prospects at the Right Time and Place with the Outreach + Drift Integration

Some things are just better together—peanut butter and jelly; spaghetti and meatballs; movies and popcorn; Batman and Robin.

And now, you can add Outreach and Drift to that list.

Outreach, the #1 sales engagement platform, is thrilled to announce our new integration with Drift, a pioneer in conversational marketing and chat!

That’s right—the integration is LIVE and ready to transform the way you engage prospects and customers.

So why’d we decide to partner with Drift? That’s an easy one to answer.

Marketing spends tons of time and money to push people to their website in hopes that prospects will fill out a demo request or engage in a Drift chat. Unfortunately, a lot of that inbound web traffic doesn't convert and is never followed up on—until now.

Companies and salespeople can't wait for prospects to just show up. Outreach, coupled with a data-driven outbound prospecting strategy, is necessary to generate interest. Once that interest is created, our integration creates a seamless way for interested prospects to chat in real-time using Drift.

While email is a capable channel, and still the backbone of professional communication, in the Age of the Customer, you need to be able to have meaningful conversations anywhere your prospects and customers are — at exactly the right time. With Outreach and Drift, that’s not only possible but incredibly simple!

Now sales and marketing can provide an amazing buying experience by sending emails with Outreach that drive directly to conversations, and connect buyers with sellers immediately.

Here’s how:

Drive Real-Time Conversations with All of Your Outreach Sequences

Drift Outreach Integration Sales Engagement

Reps work hard to write personalized and engaging email copy that gets prospects interested. With Outreach and Drift, they can engage potential customers the moment they raise their hands. When a prospect clicks any link to your website in an Outreach sequence, they’ll be greeted with a personalized message from their sales rep once they reach the site. If that rep isn’t around, no problem—a bot can jump in and book a meeting for them.

Outreach's integration with Drift helped bridge a gap in my workflow, which helped me reach out to our customers instantly. Marvin Lagunsad, Business Development Rep at Procurify

Automatically Follow up with Prospects You Chat with in Drift

Drift Outreach Integration Conversational Marketing

The benefits of this integration work both ways! Now, when a rep is chatting with a prospect in Drift, they can immediately enroll them in an Outreach sequence. Remember, inbound leads are the hottest leads, and you need a system in place to make sure you’re engaging with them as quickly as possible -- while you’re still at the forefront of their mind. Just a couple of clicks and that prospect is sequenced. That way, engaged prospects never fall through the cracks and sellers never forget to follow up.

Get the Insights You Need to Close Deals Faster

Drift Outreach Integration

We believe that to make better decisions you need data. And not just any data—the right information so that your team can focus of the actions and activities that provide measurable and meaningful lift to your bottomline.

So when that prospect a rep has been dying to get a hold of books a meeting through a Drift chat, that rep will have a full transcript of that conversation available in their Outreach activity feed.

They will be able to see a full history of the prospect’s Drift chat conversations so they can have consistent conversations across all channels and have better sales and marketing alignment. Better alignment = a better buying experience.

With a comprehensive transcript of your conversations in Outreach and Drift, you can identify the messaging that gets the most engagement, sets the most meetings and closes more deals. Win-win-win!

Engaging buyers in real time using the channels they prefer is the key to having more meaningful conversations and booking more meetings. With Outreach and Drift, it gets a whole lot easier to engage your customers using the right channel, the right way, right now.

If you're already using Outreach and Drift separately, get ready to have your mind blown—just click this link to learn how to enable the integration today!

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