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Outreach CRO Hosts Event for B2B SaaS Community

Cami Krema, Field Marketing Specialist at Outreach's Avatar

Cami Krema, Field Marketing Specialist at Outreach

Outreach Chief Revenue Officer Anna Baird hosted an exclusive, free event alongside Karan Mehandru, Managing Director & Head of Venture Capital at Steadfast Financial, as part of Sales Impact Academy’s live events program for the B2B Sales and SaaS tech community. During Mythbusters for 2021, Anna and Karan acknowledged why widely held notions about running your SaaS business are no longer correct.

The live discussion outlined the sales funnel evolution, how the markets changed under the extreme stress of a global pandemic, and revealed key trends in investing that still work. As the market adjusts and normalizes to new remote economy challenges, leaders of SaaS businesses need to know what's changed and how best to move forward in 2021.

The tech industry is one of a few that has found new opportunities as a result of COVID-19, but this impact is fragmented.

Watch the on-demand session now: Mythbusters for 2021: Widely Held Notions on Investing & Running Your SaaS Business That Are No Longer Correct

What can you expect from the event?

Anna and Karan shared best practices on how to successfully run your SaaS business against the backdrop of COVID-19. You’ll learn how to better prepare their company for 2021, as well as understand how to position for future fundraising efforts.

Key points of the discussion:

  • 2021 - What You Thought It Would Bring
  • Key Trends in Investing That You Thought You Understood
  • Sales Funnel Changes
  • Sales Technology Stacks and Their Evolution

Outreach is thrilled to further our partnership with Sales Impact Academy as we continue to provide flagship educational content for sales and marketing leaders.

Register today for Anna and Karan’s on-demand event.