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Out of Office Reply Detection: Managing Prospects and Tasks with Outreach

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Rachael Siegel

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Receiving an automated “Out of the Office” reply from a prospect is a guaranteed way to slow down the sales process and pile on yet another task for you to remember to complete later.  As a result, these prospects are often forgotten, lost in the depths of your inbox as you try to keep up with the rest of your daily sales motion.

Forgotten tasks are lost opportunities, which directly affect the size of your company’s pipeline. This is a challenge that affects all levels of a sales org -  SDRs, AEs, and sales leadership face this obstacle every day. How often are you letting these leads go cold and what's the solution?

Outreach has the answer: out of office reply detection and automatic re-engagement. Take a look at the video to learn how Outreach takes care of you, and even speeds up your sales process with an intelligent workflow!