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October Product Round-Up

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Chelsey Feldman

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In October, when the rest of the world was carving pumpkins and savoring that first PSL of the season, we channeled the energy from our Halloween candy sugar rushes to create some amazing features for you. These super sweet product updates include:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration - We’re excited to share that we have partnered with LinkedIn to integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator into the Outreach platform to help joint customers better connect with prospects without leaving the Outreach workflow. Our integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform allows you to enhance your Outreach experience by interacting with the rich social data in Sales Navigator. And this integration allows you to access your LinkedIn Sales Navigator information where you’re already selling.
  • New Social Selling Layout - Now we’ve made it even easier for you to always have your LinkedIn and other social selling data at your fingertips when prospecting with our new “Social Overview” Intelligence Tiles layout. This is especially great for users who have wanted to take advantage of our recent LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration but are finding it difficult to customize their intelligence layouts. The new layout includes the two new Sales Navigator tiles along with the Twitter tile, and our three Owler tiles, so you’re never caught without the right tools for social selling.

  • Sendoso Direct Mail Integration - We’ve partnered with Sendoso to bring your sequences to life with the power of direct mail - at scale! With Sendoso, you can create an interactive experience for your prospect by sending them gifts, swag, and handwritten notes, adding a unique and memorable component to your sequences. Any sales rep or account executive can now find direct mail sequence steps right within Outreach to add in at any point in the sales cycle. Need inspiration on how to use this? Check out our 10 favorite things you can send in a sequence!
  • Org seat count availability - Ever wonder how many Outreach seats you have left for your team? Now admins can see the remaining seat count for their organization on top of our of the org's user list. One small step towards better org seat management functionality! Here’s what it looks like:

  • Improved SFDC plug in self diagnosis - We have a few enhancements to the SFDC plugin settings that makes it easier for admins to diagnose and debug plugin related issues. The Logs tab now shows structured log data, and an "export" button allows exporting it to csv. Previously, this page only showed the raw log messages with no information about which record it was associated with. This is useful when SFDC admins wants to dig into sync errors and see what went wrong. The view also supports Search, using the same syntax everywhere else. This is useful if admins want to search for a particular record by ID for instance and see logs against it. 


Additionally, the Sync tab under Types now shows the time passed since the last record of this type was pulled into Outreach.


  • New call recording settings based on area code - Some states require consent from both parties for calls to be recorded. To make this easier to manage when using Voice, we allow Outreach admins to prevent call recording when dialing numbers with specific area codes. Please read our support article to learn more about this feature and additional precautions you should take to abide by local call recording consent laws.
  • 5 more custom fields for Prospects - We have now increased the number of custom fields in Prospects from 30 to 35.
  • Outreach everywhere admin settings - now admins can manage Outreach Everywhere Chrome extension settings from within the app. Previously, these settings could only be managed from the Chrome extension. Access this through your user settings and then select Outreach Everywhere.


We’ve got some super exciting announcements coming your way in November, so stay tuned for some killer features to be thankful for!