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November Product Round-Up

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They say turkey makes you sleepy, but with the work our product team did last month, I’m not buying it. In November, we released some amazing features to be grateful for including:

Outreach Meetings - That’s right… it’s here! Outreach Meetings is a solution that’s uniquely created for the specific needs of sales teams, equipping you with the best tools in the industry to reduce no-show rates and making it easy and efficient to book meetings intelligently. We are creating a suite of features that solves all the pain points of scheduling a meeting by replacing manual, disorganized tasks with hassle free, intuitive solutions. Our goal is to help you book more meetings with fewer clicks, in less time. Read the full blog post and watch the video to learn more.

Gmail REST API Sync - Now, in addition to our existing OAuth and password options, you can connect your Gmail inbox to Outreach directly using the Gmail API. Gmail API sync provides a lightning fast email experience in Outreach and the same strong security options our existing OAuth sync allows for. This new option is our recommended way for you to sync your Gmail account. Read the full blog post for more info and set up directions.

Expanded Content Editing Capabilities (Sequences, Templates, & Snippets) - Admins can now approve profiles to edit content such as sequences, snippets, and templates. This means you can now set profiles for copywriters, content specialists, or managers to view, use, and edit other team members’ content. Any profile can be enabled to edit content they don’t own. Watch this video to learn more and get set up:

Mailbox error notification - when a mailbox gets disabled due to a permanent error, a banner appears across the top of Outreach app. On clicking the banner notification, Outreach tries to automatically re-enable send and/or sync. If that works, a success confirmation is displayed and the banner disappears. If not, we’ll guide you to where you can update your credentials to get you synced again as quickly as possible.


5 more custom fields for Accounts - We have now increased the number of custom fields in Prospects from 30 to 35. Now both Prospects and Accounts have 35 fields!

Window mode migration - All users who are not using window mode have been migrated to window mode for their default Outreach Everywhere experience. For a quick refresher on window mode, check out our blog post.

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