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November Monthly Round-Up

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Thanksgiving is over, but we’re still dishing out new products and features that will make you thankful to have Outreach. From winning premier awards to the latest features, we’re getting you ready for the year-end season to engage smarter, not harder.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what we released last month.

Supercharged Data Exports from Outreach

You asked and we answered! We have greatly enhanced the speed and volume of data you can export from Outreach. Users can now export as much as 10k rows of data in under 30 seconds from the Account, Prospect, and Opportunity list views, all without timeout restrictions.

Sales managers and leaders are newly able to:

  • Better analyze the available data outside of Outreach, such as SFDC, for more robust reporting
  • Identify which data is out of sync with your CRM and needs to be merged or deleted.

The other list views will be updated on a rolling basis, including the Sequence, Sequence States, and Task views.

For more information, read our support article and get started today!

Improved Data Integrity with New Picklist Fields

We have extended reps’ ability to work in one platform by adding new Picklist Fields on Opportunities. Admins are now able to create and add Opportunity Type and custom fields on their Opportunity Picklist in Outreach, now mirroring their Salesforce Picklist validations. This helps ensure your data remains accurate and consistent between both Salesforce and Outreach.

For example, Admins can now add in “Opportunity Type” to their opportunity picklist and create specific opportunity type fields to match their Salesforce instance, such as “New Logo, Expansion, Renewal.”

For reps, this will be a huge time saver. Reps will now be able to update fields in Outreach without toggling back and forth between Salesforce, allowing them to work in one platform for greater efficiency and ability to focus on selling, rather than memorizing field syntax.

To learn more, read our support articles about Creating Picklist Validations and using them for Outreach Opportunities, or reach out to your CSM.

An Amplified Dreamforce Experience

In November, Outreach was at Dreamforce to share our best practices on sales development and operations. Highlights included leading the most coveted presentations, panel discussions, and of course, happy hours to help you build and grow the most engaged sales engagement community.

We also announced the next iteration of Outreach Amplify and how we are using machine learning to help you engage smarter. Available in the first half of 2020, the new Outreach Amplify features--Intent Reporting and Guided Engagement--take you beyond open and reply rates to a prospect’s intent, giving you the most intelligent insights available.

  • Intent Reporting: Amplify automatically classifies email replies into positive or negative replies, giving managers insights into conversations and how prospects are responding to reps. For example, Amplify will classify a reply that asks for more information as positive, and a reply that says the company already has a solution as negative, giving significantly more insight into the next best action than simple open and reply rates. Intent Reporting allows teams to optimize their playbooks with positive outcomes at scale.
  • Guided Engagement: Building on Intent Reporting, Guided Engagement acts on the email intent and automatically prompts the rep with the most successful next best action. Guided Engagement allows sales managers prioritize which plays lead to the most successful outcomes at scale.

Combined, these new Amplify technologies allow you to gain rapid, actionable insights to dramatically increase productivity and success.

Outreach Named Fourth Fastest Growing Company in Deloitte's 2019 Technology Fast 500™

In November, Outreach was honored to be ranked #4 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a prestigious list of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech companies in North America. As the highest ranked company hailing from the Pacific Northwest, this award is yet another testament to being the #1 sales engagement platform, and adds to our growing list of awards this year.

Six New Outreach Galaxy Integrations

Last month we added 6 more integrations to Outreach Galaxy. Tribyl and Jiminny join our other Conversation Intelligence solutions, and Hippo Video joined our 1:1 Video solutions. PieSync and help companies integrate simple workflows between systems without native connections.

Last but not least, Regie is a unique solution to help Outreach users generate persona-based sequence content in minutes.

Learn more about Outreach Galaxy and each individual integration here.

We still have lots planned before the end of the year, so stay tuned for more releases and excitement from Outreach!