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We Have Made Search More Powerful With New Ways To Pivot Searches

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Introduction Hey there folks, welcome to another edition of Product News here at Outreach. Today, we're excited to announce that we have made a huge improvement to search and triggers, that lets users and administrators find the subset of records they are looking for more easily. Historically, if users wanted to search for records with data in certain fields, like company name, they would have to do an exact search. Now with these upgrades, users can take any field and search for all records with a particular keyword in any field. For number fields, such as number of employees, it is now also possible to search for prospects in companies with more than 50 employees, for example. The Demo When modifying triggers, administrators will now see these new options when configuring their conditions. For fields that hold string values, such as Title or Company name, the new option is "contains". Remember that when using contains, you can group as many options with an "any" statement to evaluate against various partial strings. For fields that hold number values, such as Company size, administrators can now evaluate with greater than, or less than as well. For the search field, if you are searching for a field that contains a string, simply search as you normally would, but add asterisks at the front and back of the string, inside the quotes. Additional Information Using these new search options will help users and administrators find the exact set of accounts, prospects, and sequences that they need to be successful. Now that we have these filtering abilities, you should look out for another large update to search coming to Outreach to make it easier for regular users to find exactly what they are looking for.