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May Product Round-Up

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May was an exciting month for us at Outreach. From hosting our 2nd annual Unleash user conference to raising our $65M Series D, we’ve hit our stride going into the summer. And that means we’re coming out in full force to ship some great new product updates for you. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the features we unleashed in May.

Opportunities in Outreach

Last month, we announced that we’re bringing Salesforce Opportunity data directly into Outreach. Now, teams have visibility into open opportunities and can take action to work those opportunities right from Outreach. Moreover, users can attribute all actions taken in Outreach back to the opportunities they’re working.

With opportunity mapping in Outreach, our customers will be able to:

  • View, manage, and track opportunities through the entire sales pipeline
  • Take actions in Outreach (like calling a prospect or sequencing multiple prospects) right from the Opportunities page, and have clear visibility into the actions needed to drive deals forward
  • And measure the revenue impact of every sales activity on an opportunity with Revenue Attribution.

Outreach for Account Executives and Customer Success Managers

At this year’s Unleash, we talked about how your entire customer facing team can become as wildly productive as your reps who are already using Outreach. We shared how Outreach can help AEs and full cycle reps manage pipeline, increase collaboration, and close more deals. We’re also focusing on how CSMs and AMs can drive adoption, retention, and expansion with Outreach. Outreach is a Customer Engagement Platform that truly supports your customer facing reps in every stage of the customer journey -- from close to onboarding to retention and beyond.

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Automatic Rescheduling and No Show Tracking for Meetings

Automatic Rescheduling & No Show Tracking for Outreach Meetings helps you keep track of no shows and follow up with those prospects automatically. Now, all Outreach Meetings users will be able to mark prospects who miss a meeting as no-shows, create automatic follow up sequences to reschedule meetings with ease, and keep prospects engaged.

Meetings for Outlook (General Availability)

Meetings for Outlook is now generally available to all Office 365 and Exchange 2013 users. With Outreach meetings for Outlook, you can access all the same great features available to our Gmail users, including the ability to:

  • Easily set up and customize meeting templates
  • Schedule meetings quickly and easily
  • Insert availability from anywhere
  • And use our new no show tracking and rescheduling functionality.

Colleague Calendar Visibility

Colleague Calendar Visibility allows Outreach users to book meetings from Outreach for non Outreach users by enabling full visibility into their colleague’s availability. Now, even if your teammate (for instance and AE who works with an SDR) doesn’t have Outreach Meetings enabled (or even an Outreach account), their colleague can book meetings based on their calendar availability without toggling back and forth between calendars. Read our support article to get started.

Inbound Voicemail with Custom Greetings

We’re introducing brand new inbound voicemail functionality to Outreach Voice to make your calling experience more efficient and effective. Last month, we released both the ability to receive voicemails in Outreach, and the option to customize the greeting for your voicemail box.

Click to Call in Outreach Everywhere

New Click to Call functionality in Outreach Everywhere lets you to click on a phone number in Salesforce to quickly dial a prospect from the Outreach dialer in the Outreach Everywhere sidebar. Check out our support article to learn more and get started today.

Prospect Remapping (Generally Availability)

When a lead or contact from Salesforce is brought into Outreach, and we detect there is already a prospect with a matching email, we will notify you of this and allow you to change the prospect mapping in Outreach to the new contact or lead. When this occurs, users will see a dialog box alerting them that the prospect exists, and allowing them to choose which Salesforce record they want to map the Outreach record to.

Star your Favorite Prospects, Accounts, and Opportunities

In the Prospect, Account, and Opportunities pages, you now can star your favorites to easily save a list to return to later. The star is located to the left of the prospect, account, or opportunity’s photo or logo. You can access these favorites by clicking the Smart Views tab and selecting your favorites, under “mine”.  

GDPR Readiness

On May 25, the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) went into full effect. Outreach is 100% ready to support your team’s GDPR compliance. To learn more about the security measures we’ve put into place and our best practices for staying GDPR compliant, check out this video from our CISO, Martin Rues.

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