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March Product Round-Up

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Rachael Siegel

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Gloomy April days haven't quite given way to the promised summer season, but as the seasons are in transition, we're continuing to push out new features and updates to the platform:

New Prospect Quick Actions - From the prospect list view, you now have the ability to take quick actions (edit fields, log call, add to sequence, or create a task). Take a look at the support article for more information.

Send Test Emails with unmerged variables - Previously, test emails would only be sent to you if all variables were merged and highlighted yellow, indicating that we were able to find the information the variable required. We’ll now deliver test emails regardless of the state of the variables so you can see a preview of your email. If a variable is missing you’ll get a warning message, but this message can be bypassed.

Call Tags - Tags are now available on calls, so you can easily sort your calls by what you need.

Adjust and monitor your microphone when using Outreach Voice - With Voice, you now have the ability to adjust your microphone and speaker settings when using VOIP, even during a call!  Learn more

Local Dial Upgrade for Advanced Voice -When using local dial, inbound calls will now be routed to the user that called the prospect, rather than the last individual to use the local number.

Outreach Extension Update -  Version 1.2.15 of the Chrome Extension was released this week. If you already have the extension, the newest version will automatically update. If you do not yet have the extension, you can add it here. Updates include:

  • Portuguese localization support in Gmail.
  • Inline draft replies in Gmail will collapse when the email is scheduled to send, and we make sure the draft gets saved in the process.
  • We now check to make sure that prospects added to a follow-up sequences will not fail (i.e. a prospect is already active in the sequence).  If the prospect is going to fail , we’ll pop up an error message to let you know.

We've also started a new series of weekly videos, where we offer tips and best practices for sales success, as well as our product vision. Topics so far have included email personalization at scale, our philosophy on governance, our out of office reply detection, and tips on how our own team creates a successful A/B test.