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March Monthly Round-Up

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Justin Huerter

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Outreach really SPRUNG forward this March! From selling out our 3rd annual Unleash conference, releasing The Book on Sales Engagement, and strengthening our ever-evolving partnership with Microsoft by interviewing Satya Nadella at their M12 conference and announcing our investments in a Dynamics integration.

Here’s a quick look at what else we announced in March:

Outreach Galaxy

Galaxy Site Screenshot

One Application, Any Action. Introducing the Outreach Galaxy, a program for integration partners to more deeply integrate, and a new way for reps to engage with prospects—all on Outreach. As part of the initial launch, we’re welcoming new integrations with Vidyard, Intercom, Sendoso, and Clari. Get excited to see more integrations coming your way soon!

  • Outreach + Vidyard integration. Use GoVideo to record and send videos at every stage of the sales funnel.
  • Outreach + Intercom integration. Connect your Intercom messages with Outreach so you can convert more leads and move deals through the pipeline faster.
  • Outreach + Sendoso integration. Personalize your Outreach strategy with direct mail, physical gifts, and eGifts.
  • Outreach + Clari integration. Capture all your engagements with Outreach in Clari to more accurately forecast the health of your deals.

Amplify, OOO Reply Detection


Connect with decision makers while your prospects are on vacation! Introducing the new Out Of Office (OOO) Reply Detection Machine Learning capability, which detects OOO email replies and automatically extracts contact information from the message. The new OOO Reply Detection can also pause and resume sequences based on your prospect’s return date in the email. In addition, it can extract new contact information from the email (contact referral - account name, prospect’s name, email and phone number) and immediately allow you to take action—right from your inbox.

*note: this is only available for early access and Gmail users today. If you’re interested in signing up, please reach out to your customer success manager.

New Opportunity Workflow Enhancements


Create, manage, and automate the next best action to move your deals forward! Introducing new Opportunity Enhancements, designed to help you close deals faster while never missing a step in your sales process! The new enhancements focus on two core areas when it comes to crushing your pipeline:

Improving task execution for the reps - you can now create and group tasks based on Opportunities, and take action on them directly from the global sidebar.

Automating actions on behalf of the rep - Admins can now create new Opportunity Triggers based on the following events that occur in Outreach:

  • Opportunity Created or Updated: Pro tip 1 - create a trigger to fire off a “follow up sequence” when a new logo is created in Outreach.
  • Opportunity Closed Date: Pro tip 2 - create a trigger to fire off an “on-boarding sequence” after an opportunity is closed in Outreach.

To learn about how to set up these triggers in Outreach, check out our short video “How to setup Opportunity Triggers” or click on the support articles above!

We have a lot more planned for April, so stay tuned for more releases and improvements from the Outreach team!