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March Product Round-Up

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We've been hard at work over the last month to bring you some seriously awesome updates - from a brand new Machine Learning program to small, but delightful, features that will make your tasks easier. In case you missed it, here's a quick recap of what we brought you last month:

Amplify Machine Learning and Intent Classification

Last month, we announced Amplify, Outreach's new machine learning program! Our new machine learning technology will empower every sales team to amplify the art of sales with the science of machine learning.

The first release of capabilities powered by Amplify is intent classification. This feature detects the intent of an email reply from a prospect and uses that intent to automate or recommend the next best action for the sales rep to take. Our intent classification capabilities use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to go beyond reply rates and measure whether replies are positive, objections, or unsubscribe requests.

To learn more about Amplify and Intent Classification, read the full announcement and watch our on-demand webinar recording.

Spring Clean your Data with Picklists

It’s hard for Salesforce admins to keep data clean when you have a million different reps using a million different naming conventions. The cost of the time spent cleaning up dirty data or the risk of fumbling an opportunity because you don’t have the right info can truly add up. Now, you have one less data validation risk to worry about with Picklist support in Outreach. With Picklists, admins can mirror the Salesforce picklist validations in Outreach, ensuring data remains accurate and consistent between both systems when adding new values to prospects and account fields. Read the full blog post for more details.

Refreshed DiscoverOrg Integration

This month, we launched a newly refreshed DiscoverOrg+Outreach integration to help sales teams do more from a single place and make it faster and easier for reps to sequence DiscoverOrg contacts. This solution will remove barriers and help people sell more by addressing three mission critical sales problems: (1) a disjointed sales tech stack, (2) inconsistent or untrustworthy data, and (3) maintaining governance practices to preserve data quality. Learn more about the update in our blog post.

Outreach Meetings Updates

Booked Meeting Triggers - Admins now have the power to create and enable triggers off meetings booked in Outreach. The new “booked meeting" trigger event, allows sales reps to log meetings booked, add new “meeting conditions”, andthe trigger automatically fires off an action when the conditions are met.

Configurable Public Calendar Fields - Admins can now add their company's or user’s phone number to public calendar invites, as well as require them from prospects. First name, last name, and email address will always be shown and required.

Filtering Updates

We’ve expanded your filtering options in Outreach to you can find things more easily. These updates include:

Filter prospects by engagement - Users can now sort and filter prospects by engagements on the Prospect list view page by Last engaged and Engagement activity:

  • Engagement activity: sort and filter based on how engaged a prospect - opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Last engaged: sort and filter based on last time a prospect was engaged.

Filter Sequence by Rulesets - You can now segment sequences based on rulesets making it faster and easier to send bulk updates to specific customer segments.

Check out our support documentation for more information on all of our sorting and filtering options in Outreach.

Governance for Adding and Reverting Opt-Outs

We know you need more control over which Outreach users should be able to add prospects and revert opt-outs - your business’s reputation depends on compliance. Now admins can set profile governance to determine which users can add prospects through Outreach and revert opted-out contacts.

Mail Sync Notifications

If there’s ever a case where your mailbox isn’t syncing, you will now see a small badge on the outbox icon so you can resync your inbox ASAP. When you click into your outbox you will be guided to fix the sync issues and get back to work seamlessly.

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