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June Monthly Round-Up

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In June, we continued to put the customer first by delivering products and services that drive innovation and success for the sales community. First, we released our Amplify Out of Office (OOO) Return Date Extraction feature, which uses machine learning to extract key information and allows reps to pause and resume the sequence to reflect the prospect's schedule, ushering in a new era of personalized sales at scale.

In addition to innovative products, we're also invested in using Data Science to separate the bluster from best practices, with our Data Science team recently tackling the oft-touted "emoji effect" on reply rates.

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Now Live: Amplify Out of Office Return Date Extraction

Last month, we released our highly-touted Amplify Out of Office (OOO) Return Date Extraction feature, enabling reps to pause and resume a sequence based off the prospect's return date, ushering in a new era of personalization for sellers using Outreach.


Leveraging machine learning to detect OOO replies, Amplify automatically extract the prospect’s return date, allowing reps to tailor the Sequence resume date when it is most convenient for your prospects and their buying schedules. Available for both Gmail and Outlook users, this feature allows reps to stay focused on what matters--creating more personalized engagement with less effort.

The Emoji Effect: Will They Increase Reply Rates?

As the sales industry becomes more sophisticated, there's an increasing need to separate sales fact from fiction. One of the more enduring tales has been how emojis increase reply rates, but is this true for every business, every time?

Subject Line Emojis Blurred

Did emojis increase or decrease our reply rates? Find out in our A/B test!

We put the bluster to the test--find out what our A/B tests revealed from our experiment!