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June Product Round-Up

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After a long holiday week of sparklers, sun (yes, we have that in Seattle!), and cookouts, we had a lot of time to reflect on things to be grateful for -- independence, summer, and our fantastic Prodgineering team here at Outreach. While the rest of us were cooking up burgers and hotdogs to celebrate warmer, sunnier days, our team has been cooking up some killer new features and updates to Outreach. Check them out:

Round Robin Scheduling with Team Meetings

Last month, we released Team Meetings to bring Round Robin scheduling to Outreach Meetings. Team Meetings will increase booked meetings and simplify meeting handoffs to deliver a seamless customer experience, while strategically and fairly distributing meetings across all of your reps with no manual effort. With Round Robin scheduling capabilities, reps can spend less time on the administrative work of scheduling meetings across the team while giving prospects a much better customer experience.

Lightning Fast Account Set Up

Thinking about onboarding new team members to Outreach? Now it’s easier than ever! We’re excited to support your growing team with a new and improved, lightning fast new user account set up experience. Now in just 3 simple clicks new users can connect their mailboxes, set up an email signature, and get started in Outreach to help you onboard new hires and new teams into the platform.

Purposeful Duplicate Contact Support in Outreach

Last month, we made duplicate contact support generally available for our users. Some workflows require the use of duplicate records in Salesforce, and we want to make sure these use cases are also supported in your Outreach workflows. For instance, some businesses sell multiple product lines, and two reps from distinct lines of business are targeting the same prospect, but don’t want to get their data mixed up. With Purposeful Duplicate Contact support, you can ensure the duplicate records you're working in Salesforce also pull into Outreach.

Never Miss an Update with In-App Release Notes

Want to stay up to date on the latest new features we’re rolling out? Now you can, right from Outreach, with in-app release notes! Check out the latest updates by hovering over the question mark icon in the top-right navigation menu and clicking “What’s new.”

Outreach Achieved ISO 27001 Certification for the 4th Year in a Row

At Outreach, our users’ security is paramount. That is why we are proud to announce Outreach has achieved ISO 27001 certification for the 4th consecutive year! You can learn more about our security standards and certifications, including ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance, at

Add relevant Salesforce data for new Outreach users

We’re all about making it faster to add new team members to Outreach to get them up to speed as quickly as your top reps. Now, when adding a new user into Outreach from Salesforce sync or a manual Salesforce upload, Outreach has the ability to automatically bring in related leads/contacts for that user. Learn how to do this in our support article.

Console view support for Salesforce Lightning

Do you use Salesforce Lightning? Great news! Now Outreach users who are using Salesforce Console View on Lightning can use our Chrome extension with this view.

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