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July Product Round-Up

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The last month has been pretty exciting here at Outreach. Not only did we grow the Outreach family by acquiring Sales Hacker (our first acquisition!), but we’ve been hard at work delivering awesome new capabilities to make Outreach work even harder for your team. Here’s what we’ve released over the last month:

Opportunities in Outreach

Last month, we brought Salesforce Opportunity data directly into Outreach. Now teams can have visibility into open opportunities and take action to work those opportunities right from Outreach. With this update, teams can view, manage, and track opportunities through the entire sales pipeline, and take actions in Outreach right from the opportunities page.

Throughout the month, we continued to launch even more opportunities features to help you work your opportunity pipeline from Outreach including:

  • Access to opportunity data and the ability to import opportunities from Outreach Everywhere
  • The ability to add contact roles (ie, buyer, influencer, etc.) for opportunities into a picklist
  • The ability to sort and filter an opportunity by close date

Global Sidebar and Taskflow

Last month, we launched the new Global Sidebar, a centralized location that houses the most actionable features in Outreach. No more going through multiple pages to engage with a prospect or having limitations on how you prioritize your tasks. Using the Global Sidebar, you can book meetings, manage and execute tasks, update prospect and account information, while measuring customer engagements results - all in one place and anywhere you browse. Watch the announcement video here!

Outreach Announces Integration with Highspot

One of Outreach’s primary goals is to facilitate the creation of streamlined workflows for our users to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness. With this new integration, reps can now leverage Highspot’s AI-driven platform to bring relevant sales assets and content directly into the Outreach customer engagement platform — right where our customers live and breathe.

Updates to Searching, Sorting, and Filtering

We’ve made some sleek new updates to the way you find and filter everything from your content to your contacts.


With favorites, you’ll easily be able to keep track of the content, prospects, and accounts that you engage with most frequently, or need to be kept top-of-mind.

Favorites can be added to:

  • Outreach content (snippets, templates, and sequences)
  • Prospects
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities

Sequence Search

We’ve now updated the way you search for sequences by allowing you to search with a partial match instead of the exact sequence name. For example, if you’re searching for a sequence called “Best Sequence Ever” you can find it with just the word “Best”.

Filter by skipped task

Now when filtering tasks, you have the option to filter by skipped tasks to easily see how many tasks were skipped, or come back to tasks you needed to tackle a little later. You will see skipped tasks from early July forward when using this filter.

Voice Updates

We’re continually making updates to deliver the simplest and most robust dialer for your team. We've released these two useful updates over the last month:

1. Now you can call two phone numbers for one prospect within a single sequence step:

When selecting 'Log Call Only' you will stay on the same prospect task and call them again using a different number.

2. Sequence creators can now pre-define the purpose of the call and it will default the purpose for the rep when going through their taskflow. A small but mighty update to help you complete your tasks faster and have more consistent actions and reporting.

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