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The sales industry is often stereotyped as being a boys-only club, where aggressive, testosterone-fueled jocks and bros are rewarded. It’s no wonder some people believe that — until recently it was common to see and hear the word “salesman” instead of the more appropriate “salesperson”.

Sales isn’t about being pushy or beating your prospect into submission, it’s about listening. It’s about helping someone solve a problem; building rapport and genuinely connecting; setting goals and consistently hitting them.

Women are incredibly good at all of those things. According to Microsoft’s Rakhi Voria, “women have characteristics and skills that make them natural fits for sales, like the ability to build trust, nurture relationships, listen and provide recommendations.” At Outreach, we couldn’t agree more.

We need more women in sales. And that’s why Outreach is proud to sponsor the Rev It Up! Sales Leader Summit at Paradise Point in San Diego on May 9th, 2018. Put on by WOMEN Sales Pros, Rev It Up! Is a full day of sales and sales leadership insights from some of the top women and men in the industry.

Speakers include:

Rev It Up! immediately follows Unleash, so if you’re attending our conference, we enthusiastically encourage you to stick around for this action-packed day of sales excellence. Use the promo code UNLEASH18 for a free ticket.

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