Join Us at Dreamforce and Never Lose a Lead from Lack of Follow-Up

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Jordan Greene

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Come join the Outreach team, including our Founders Manny Medina and Andrew Kinzer, and take the #SalesGym challenge! One of the following sessions led by Gene McNaughton will be delivered at the top of every hour during expo hours, beginning October 4 at 12pm PST, at the Outreach booth (#1920):
  • “3 Rookie Mistakes Salespeople Make, and How to Avoid Them”
  • “Why Your Selling Process is to Blame for 40% of your Lost Sales”
  • “Why You Are Wasting Leads and Losing Sales”
  • “Cold Calling is Dead? BULLS**T!!”
  • “Are you following up on your follow up?”
Send us a note at for additional details or if you would like to connect in San Francisco Oct 4-7, 2016.