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Introducing Galaxy: One Application, Any Action

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Stephen Farnsworth

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In 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, and immediately the world was transfixed. Apple had succeeded in bringing together many of the tools we knew and loved. Just two years later the world of apps exploded: Facebook, Words with Friends, Pandora, Google Earth, etc...

And here’s why!

  1. Apple succeeded in creating an interface we all loved.
  2. They opened up a new playing field for third-party developers to integrate into the iPhone—everything we needed, all on one device!

This opened up a whole new universe of possibilities.

Over the last four years, Outreach has created a system of action for sales teams that is trusted by more than 3,000 successful and innovative companies around the world to fuel their rapid growth. Today, Outreach is the single pane of glass revenue-generating teams use to guide their day-to-day. It’s easier than ever for managers to gain insight into how to improve their teams’ strategies. And now, it’s easier than ever for you to act on those insights through a simple interface.

Announcing Outreach Galaxy, the App Marketplace for the Modern Sales Team


The Outreach Galaxy is our commitment to bringing all your sales actions into a single workflow within Outreach. It’s our program for integration partners to more deeply integrate so together we can bring you new ways to engage with your prospects—all on Outreach.

As buyers evolve, new channels emerge as essential components of a successful sales engagement strategy—video, direct mail, and chat. Galaxy is the one application that drives any action, equipping you with access to all the tools and channels that drive sales success.

In the course of working to help you achieve your business goals, we’ve partnered with a number of third-party services to enable meaningful end-to-end workflows for each of you. To date, we have announced integrations with the tools you use most including Chorus, DiscoverOrg, Drift, Gong, Highspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Showpad and many more. See our full list here.

New Integrations: Intercom, Sendoso & Vidyard

Galaxy is focused on enabling the main channels you use to communicate and ensuring the resulting success (or failure—there are a lot of no's in sales) is fed right back into Outreach. So today, we’re excited to announce new integrations with Intercom, Sendoso, and Vidyard. Each serves those newer channels—video, direct mail, and chat - we know are key to your success.

And that’s not it! Many more integrations are coming to the Galaxy soon, including Alyce, BombBomb, Clari, LeanData, OneMob, PFL, and Tiled!

What's really exciting, beyond the integrations themselves, is the set of plug-ins we’ve built behind the scenes to enable these seamless experiences.

New Plug-Ins

1. Email Compose: Now content is accessible right from your Outreach email, and Vidyard and Sendoso were quick to take advantage!

2. Events Stream: Feed third-party events directly into your Outreach activity feed and trigger the next best action.

3. Link Encoding: Find out who is viewing your website or content from your Outreach sequences.

Imagine it—with Vidyard, you can now record and send videos within your Outreach email. And when your prospect views the video, that activity triggers your next task so you can immediately take action to convert at the highest level.


The Next Phase

Galaxy is the next evolution of Outreach. We’ll help you organize your actions in a seamless and measurable workflow—all in one application. You can’t do this out of a database. You need to own the action.

It’s time to invest in the modern sales stack.

Go beyond the cloud to the Galaxy!

For Future Galaxy Integration Partners

Modern sales means using technology to interact with buyers in the ways they expect. Outreach has the responsibility to enable this, but we can’t do it alone.

The solution is a variety of different technologies. Unfortunately, these solutions aren’t well coordinated, if at all. They’re used on multiple computer windows, by multiple departments, using different devices. We owe it to our mutual customers to string everything together, for reps to do their jobs on one single pane of glass with each action informing the next.

Over 500 of you have already accessed our API to build an integration. For those who are interested in developing on our API for the first time, please submit your request here. For those interested in utilizing our new plug-ins (Email Compose, Events Stream, or Link Encoding), please join our waiting list and our Head of Platform Partnerships will send updates as they come.