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Introducing Account Import & Prospect Account Assignment via CSV

Rachael Siegel's Avatar

Rachael Siegel

Associate Product Marketing Manager

We work with a variety of customers - some who are more well established in their market, and others who are just starting out. Newer companies may not have a centralized CRM, and instead may work out of spreadsheets or smaller CRM databases. While we have a strong Salesforce integration, our goal is to support you no matter your CRM setup.

Today we’re excited to announce an enhancement to our import option that will provide support to maturing organizations. Live now, you have the option to import accounts via CSV, and assign prospects to their corresponding account. No longer will reps need to manually create accounts in Outreach, they’ll be created in bulk automatically upon import.

If you are a Salesforce user,

the new feature gives you new Salesforce account import options.

To learn more, take a look at our support article on the

Account CSV import or email us at [email protected]!