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Announcing New Galaxy Integration with Alyce

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Sunny Bjerk

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With buyers receiving multiple calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages from companies, doing something personalized and delightfully unexpected is a good way to stand out to your prospects. Outreach has already delivered smart ways to engage with less effort, and now we’re proud to help deliver a new level of personalized sales through our Galaxy integrations marketplace.

Today, we’re proud to announce a new Outreach Galaxy integration with Alyce, an AI-powered gifting and direct mail platform that enhances teams’ marketing and ABM strategies.

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With this new integration, reps will be able to use a single platform to create one-to-one gifting sales strategies through Alyce, and then track and follow-up in real-time and at scale. With this partnership, reps can track and act all Alyce activity through a single pane of glass, rather than having to toggle between tools to engage.

Through our partnership, this integration adds agility to direct mail sales strategies in three key ways:

#1: Trigger gifting tasks within Outreach

Reps can now add a step to a sequence that utilizes Alyce’s AI-driven gifting solution, adding a new dimension of personalization to connect with prospects, such as: Add Customer for Alyce Research → Email → Call→ Gift Options Ready → Send Gift.

#2: Follow-up in real time, tracking when Alyce gifts are sent, received, and accepted.

Alyce in Outreach ensures sales reps are equipped to follow-up at the exact times that prospects are most likely to engage with you, with a message tailored just for them.

#3: Panoramic view of all Alyce gifting events and interactions in Outreach

With Alyce in Outreach, reps get complete visibility of every prospect engagement with Alyce, in the context of their other channels.

"The most successful Outreach customers are using a multichannel strategy to connect with their buyers, and our new integration with Alyce allows reps to break through the noise with personalized selling strategies.” Stephen Farnsworth, Outreach Head of Partnerships

Alyce + Outreach delivers a new way for reps to make personalized direct mail an easy part of their selling strategies, and scale personal and thoughtful interactions with every prospect to truly stand out.