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Increase Rep Efficiency with Outreach Kaia’s Real-Time Call Analytics & More

Elizabeth Dailing, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Outreach's Avatar

Elizabeth Dailing, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

When I think about how technology plays a role in driving efficient workflows, I think about two things:

  1. Does it help accomplish something?
  2.  Does it make life easier or better? 

    With virtual assistant Outreach Kaia, it turns out that the answer is yes - technology is helping sales managers and their teams accomplish more, and do less.

    The sales market today is highly competitive. According to ZipRecruiter and The Wall Street Journal, the number of open sales roles is up 65% to more than 700,000 open positions around the U.S.

    So if sales is facing a hiring crisis, as a sales manager, wouldn’t you want to leverage every competitive advantage you’ve got by offering a better experience and easier lift for your AEs?

    If so, I’m excited to share the latest Outreach Kaia updates with you that will help your sales team increase productivity by focusing on the customer and bringing more data into deals.

    Read below to learn more about our new Outreach Kaia updates:

    • Real-Time Call Analytics 
    • Outreach Voice Import 
    • Comprehensive Search 

        Keep your team focused on the customer to drive better meeting engagement with Real-Time Call Analytics

        We’ve all left a sales call and wished we wouldn’t have talked so much, or maybe we could’ve asked more questions. Traditional conversation intelligence software will only tell you after the fact if you did indeed talk too much.

        But what if you had a running clock that nudged you every time you were talking too much? With Outreach Kaia’s Real-Time Call Analytics, your reps are served up live talk time visibility during the call, allowing them to self correct when they may be talking more than listening.

        For example, a recent customer described their previous call analytics software as useless because it was hard to get any value out of it. Someone had to remember to review the call data, then know what they meant, and then interpret them to develop coaching around it.

        With Real-Time Call Analytics, this customer found that the feature changed their behavior the first time they used it. Using the real-time guidance, they were able to look at their screen mid call and see that they needed to talk less. This added immediate impact and value in the moment, versus after the fact when it’s too late.

        Use Real-Time Call Analytics to see when you're talking too much during a customer call.

        Monitor trends, identify risks, and coach with examples using Outreach Voice Import

        Today, Outreach Kaia joins your Zoom meetings for real-time support and post-meeting analysis. But what if your team has cold calls that aren’t made through Zoom? With our new integration with Outreach Voice, all calls made through Outreach Voice or Zoom now have post-call analysis done by Outreach Kaia. This means you can identify new competitive threats emerging in deals and mitigate risks earlier across every voice and video sales call.

        Not on Zoom? Microsoft Teams support will be available early next year.

        With our new integration with Outreach Voice, all calls made through Outreach Voice or Zoom now have post-call analysis done by Outreach Kaia.

        Search for meaningful insights across all meetings with Comprehensive Search

        At the end of the day, there's just not enough time to spend with every rep you manage, let alone review every customer call recording. We’re excited to give sales managers the ability to track key moments and trends across all calls with Outreach Kaia’s Comprehensive Search. Managers can see what follow ups reps are promising during prospect calls. You can also dive into competitive threats, mentions of new offerings, and budget discussions across all of your rep meetings.

        What does this actually mean? You can now identify trends and risks across teams and at various stages of the sales cycle. This gives you valuable information like which one of your reps does best when a late stage competitor comes into the mix.

        In addition, don’t waste your time searching for key topics. Use our new saved search alerts so you can have key topics tracked and automatically sent to your inbox. 

        Identify key moments and trends across all calls with Outreach Kaia’s Comprehensive Search.

        Take the next step: Guide your teams to success with Outreach Kaia

        It takes new sales reps three months to be ready to interact with buyers and more than a year to become a top performer. And frankly, no one can afford to wait that long.

        Outreach Kaia helps you onboard reps 4x faster, increase rep productivity by 30%, and turn data into deals to improve meetings both live in the moment and after the fact.

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