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Increase Your Outbound Sales Part 1: Build A Hunter Culture

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Successful outbound salespeople possess the skills and attributes of expert hunters. They know the terrain and readily adapt to changes in the market or sudden shifts in their industry. They understand the behavior of prospects and relentlessly track them across the buyer's journey. They are patient but not passive, prowling every channel to find prospects and actively build their own pipeline. They choose and master the best outbound sales tools so that when the perfect moment strikes, they can execute their playbook and execute with remarkable precision.

Not every sales rep is a natural-born hunter. But with the right team training and environment, even the most mild-mannered reps can get hooked on the chase.

Here are five strategies you can use to build a hunter culture in your own sales team.

Keep reps hungry

Hunger motivates hunters. A captive, spoon-fed predator doesn’t have the incentive or drive to leave its comfort zone and embark on a dangerous and risky hunt. So don’t feed your sales reps all the leads, encourage them to go further afield, where they’ll find new prospects and innovative outbound sales techniques.

Connect success with ample rewards

Make it clear that a successful hunt always involves big benefits. Keep your outbound sales team driven with relatively higher pay, attractive commissions for quota attainment, and tantalizing prizes for exceeding expectations. Money is the obvious rep-pleasing reward, but you can also use leaderboards and gamification to acknowledge success and stoke the competitive fire.

Bring out the big guns

Equipping your team with the right outbound sales tools makes a world of difference in terms of time saved and productivity. To become apex predators, you need more than a CRM, spreadsheets, and Gmail (the bows and arrows of outbound sales). Sales teams now need at least a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) to keep up with the competition, and new advancements in AI and machine learning will give you unprecedented visibility, insight, and control over all your selling activities and help your reps break away from the pack.

Put reps on the right trail

What’s the point of letting loose a pack of excellent hunters after the wrong quarry? Take the time to create your ideal customer profile and develop a clear strategy for how to target them. Train your sales team on your company's ideal customer profile and buyer personas so that they can devote 100% of their time and effort aiming for and engaging the right target.


Hunts entail hard, focused work. In fact, a successful sale takes a sequence of at least eight touches to orchestrate. Without encouragement and breaks from the grind, hunters will quickly burn out. When you stop to recognize and celebrate individuals' and the team's hard work, you create a positive environment that motivates reps to push through the stressful and taxing work. Even a small change - say, Friday happy hour or weekly Sales Rep Shoutout - can make a big difference.

Turning your sales reps into voracious hunters is all about reinforcing habits. Reward your SDRs well and they will be motivated to track down and engage prospects. Over time, you will develop a loyal team of seasoned hunters who will give their sweat and tears (hopefully not blood, this is just sales after all) to chase down the best leads. With a strong hunting culture, the best outbound sales technology, and a bit of luck, your team can hit quota month after month - even land whales.

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