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Highlights From the San Francisco Unleash Summit

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Audrey Weber

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Back by popular demand, our famous Unleash Conference is having a reunion tour this August. Expectations were high for our first stop in The City By the Bay (how could we possibly top Unleash ‘19??), and now we only have three words to sum it all up:




We really packed it in with six presentations and panels and a happy hour, all in one afternoon. Here are some of the highlights of the first Unleash Summit in San Francisco.

The Guest Speakers

We brought in some of the Bay’s best sales leaders to share their strategies and playbooks, and oh man, they did not disappoint.

Kari Schneider, Director of Sales Development at Zendesk, opened up her team’s sales playbook and shared A/B testing best practices with the packed house.

Becc Holland, RVP of Business Development at G2, talked about how Sales Development and Sales Operations teams can make personalized messaging scalable and repeatable, and drastically improve quota-attainment as a result. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the Summit, you can watch the webinar she did with Sales Hacker on the same topic.

Unleash San Francisco Presentation

Jacco VanderKooij, the founder of the revenue-focused consultancy Winning By Design. Jacco was also one of our first guests on the popular Sales Engagement Podcast and talked about creating a scientific sales process.

We had a high-quality lineup for our panel discussion with thought leaders from Dialpad, TOPO, and Vidyard. Our COO, Anna Baird, sat down with Rebecca Biestman, Dan Gottlieb, and Brittanny Smith to talk frankly about their opinions and ideas on sales team best practices and plays.

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Devin Reed, Content Strategy Manager at Gong, also joined our LinkedIn-famous SDR Manager, Sam Nelson, for a crash course in discovery calls including techniques for ensuring that discovery calls convert to a sales presentation.

Mark Kosoglow

Unleash San Francisco Presentation

We might be biased, but we think Mark Kosoglow is The World’s Best VP of Sales. Not only has he led our company to generate millions upon millions in revenue, he can distill his winning sales playbook into a simple slide deck AND he uses quotable catch-phrases like “crillin’ it” and “BOOM!” Does your VP of Sales do all that? Unlikely.

All Of the Attendees!

Our Outreachers and guest speakers would have been presenting to a room of empty chairs if not for the 160 curious sales people and leadership who attended the Summit.

Everyone came away with new action items to bring back to their sales and revenue teams, and we received some excellent feedback and praise for the event.

“Was such an impressive group. Always love when Outreach users start sharing stories and lessons learned. Can’t wait for the next one!” - TJ, Sapper Consulting

The #1 request? More summits! Luckily, we’re taking this show on the road and already have events lined up in cities across the country. Our next stop is Denver, Colorado, this Tuesday, August 6th.

If you’re now sold on the idea of joining an Unleash Summit in your city (or hey, if you attended the SF Summit and just can’t get enough!), here is the full list:

We can’t wait for the next events, come join us!

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