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Predictable, Efficient Growth: The Future Starts with Revenue Innovators

Anna Baird, CRO at Outreach's Avatar

Anna Baird, CRO at Outreach

Anna has been a CFO and COO — but she never would have taken her role as CRO without an Engagement and Intelligence platform.

Traditional sales organizations miss on growth objectives time and time again. How could they not? Many still track their data and processes in spreadsheets and CRM systems.

They have zero real-time intelligence, and they lack the total visibility to achieve operational excellence. Surprise losses on committed opportunities and extreme variability in rep performance means they make decisions based on anecdotes and incomplete evidence.

If this sounds like your organization, I promise you are not alone. I know from personal experience how embarrassing it is to not be able to explain your team’s performance. You want to definitively (and consistently) identify how and where you are falling short — and where you should double down on successes to scale growth. And it is not enough to focus on the quarter you’re in. You need to think about the next 4+ quarters.

That is why it is crucial to get the foundations of efficiency and predictability right — so you can grow in the right way.

Like the companies that use Outreach. They have an end-to-end platform to instrument the revenue cycle and proactively guide growth. Every single quarter.

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Instrument Revenue at Every Step, In Every Stage, Every Time

Revenue Innovators know that by giving your reps a unified view of the full revenue cycle, they can focus on developing incredible customer experiences and closing deals faster.

This goes for the leader, too — when your team is more efficient, with more predictable processes and models, then you have more time to focus on growth areas. You have the space to be more strategic rather than wasting resources on manual forecasting. That is good for you and the business!

The Outreach Engagement and Intelligence platform instruments revenue and guides growth by using billions of sales insights. We bring science to the art of sales by combining total visibility and AI, so revenue organizations can successfully achieve their goals.

What does this look like in practice? It means my revenue leadership team is prepared every time we walk into a board meeting and have to answer, “Is the growth scalable, healthy, and effective?” We now have a telescope to see every step of the buyer journey, giving us real-time intelligence about buyer signals and rep activities. We have one single source of truth that ensures data quality and cleanliness — so we no longer have to spend time number crunching in the dark.

We also have the data that shows us exactly what our buyers are looking for, so we can meet them in the exact right moment they’re looking for our solution to their problem.

Revenue Innovator leaders need a platform that gives us the confidence to look at new verticals, geographies, and acquisition targets where we can exponentially impact the business, rather than simply figuring out the numbers. When we have stability in the system, then we have more room to take risks.

Organizational Change Can Transform Your Business For the Better

The adoption of new technology is the key to enterprise growth and survival.

I’ve heard customers say “Outreach is my easy button.” Now that their entire revenue organization relies on our platform, they do not have to learn from their mistakes after they miss a deal. They get real-time, guided insights so they can take the right action in the right moment.

But people are creatures of comfort. We get used to our routines and way of doing things, even when they no longer serve us. When you launch an organizational change, pushback is part of the process — especially from team members who have built successful sales careers using traditional methods.

I have to challenge my own assumptions as the world keeps shifting: How do I address the needs of my team in a scalable way?

The answer always comes back to technology. We have to drive change in sales by preparing our people to work from intelligence. Revenue Innovators can’t win the future without a unified platform that helps them make the right call in the moment.

Seeing tangible results can alleviate initial resistance. And Outreach is a dream platform for sellers and leaders alike. They all of a sudden have a single pane of glass that sheds light on what is working, what is not, and what action they can immediately take to fix it.

When everyone uses the same proven workflows, the same playbooks, the same guided insights, you increase sales velocity. Efficiency leads to better predictability. When you are both efficient and predictable, you can be much more strategic about how you grow. With Outreach, you can instrument revenue and guide growth, quarter after quarter.

We are counting on the Revenue Innovators to get the machine working — efficiently and predictably — so we can accelerate growth and help you, your team and your business reach its full potential. Check out our new ebook to find out how.

The digital disruption of sales is accelerating. Are you keeping pace?

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