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Get to Know Jocko Willink, Unleash 18 Keynote Speaker

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Jocko Willink

Retired Navy SEAL. Bestselling author. Sought-after leadership consultant. All-around badass. Or, as Tim Ferriss once said, “one of the scariest human beings imaginable.”

Those are just some of the colorful (and accurate) phrases used to describe one of our Unleash 18 keynote speakers.

After spending decades in the Navy leading SEAL teams around the world, Jocko Willink has learned the value of discipline, determination, and Extreme Ownership; characteristics he believes can not only transform how you conduct business, but how you live your life.

We chose Jocko to speak at Unleash because he is the physical embodiment of things we hold dear at Outreach: grit, honesty, ownership and supporting others to reach high goals. Jocko will inspire you to uplevel your game in all aspects of life, and get you into a winning mindset.

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During his keynote presentation, he will take battle-tested concepts of combat leadership collected during years of decorated military service and apply them to all leadership experiences. He will go beyond strategy and teach you real-world tactics to take back to your own battlefields.

And it doesn’t stop with mental toughness, Jocko is also committed to getting you into peak physical condition. He will be leading daily, Navy SEAL-inspired workouts to get you ready to unleash your inner sales hero during the conference. You’ll be pushed beyond your comfort zone, break through self-imposed walls and emerge stronger on the other side.

Join Jocko, along with dozens of other inspirational speakers, at Unleash 18, May 6th-8th at Paradise Point, San Diego! You will leave with everything you need to achieve peak excellence.

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