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Imports And Bulk Actions Are Now Combined, And Can Be Filtered By State

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Introduction Today, we're excited to announce that we have made it easier than ever for users to see what's happening under the hood of Outreach with the larger actions they're taking in the system. With this update, users can now drill in to specific bulk actions to evaluate their status, or take action. While it's probably not the place you'll spend most of your time in Outreach, I think you'll see how this information is an absolutely critical element of any communication system. Demo Users can access their imports and bulk actions history through Settings, Bulk Actions. Once you've arrived, you will notice at the top there is a toggle between Bulk Actions and Imports. Bulk Actions are any action that acts on two or more records, including adding prospects to sequences, adding tags to prospects, deleting records, and so on. In the imports section, you will see any recurring imports from Salesforce, and any historical imports from any source. With the new filtering options, users can hone in on bulk actions and imports based on the state of the action, and who initiated it. Within Bulk actions, users can also filter down by type of bulk action when they are looking for something specific. Additional Information At Outreach, in addition to building the really exciting features that make users more powerful, we also believe deeply that to make a world class communication platform, it's important to spend a lot of time on the details that make the system as a whole run smoothly. The updates we've made to bulk actions will help users and administrators see what's going on behind the scenes so they can stay in control and adjust where necessary.