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February Product Round-Up

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February might be a short month, but it was by far one of our product team’s most productive months to date! We’re excited to share a few of the amazing features we released to cure your winter blues.

Outreach Meetings for Outlook

We’re excited to share that Outreach Meetings for Outlook is now available in beta! With this release, customers using Office 365 and Exchange 2013 will have access to the same great feature set that's currently available for our Gmail users. With meetings you can easily set up and customize meeting templates, schedule meetings quickly and easily, and share availability from everywhere. Read the full announcement to learn more!

Track Email Engagement Right from your Gmail Inbox

Ever wish you could see what was happening on the receiving end of your email without ever leaving your inbox? Now you can with Gmail Engagement Insights. We have built open and click tracking, powered by Outreach, right into your Gmail experience. Now, you’ll see engagement stats (click and open tracking) right inside of your message when you open an email. Check out the full blog post for more!

Reassign Meeting Owners with Ease in Outreach

Now, with Outreach Meetings, you can reassign the owner of the meeting or change the meeting type without deleting and recreating the event -- and more importantly, without requiring the prospect to re-accept the meeting that was so hard to land in the first place. When updating the meeting, you can choose if the prospect gets updated or not. You can reassign meetings whether you’re the meeting booker, meeting owner, or an Outreach admin. And of course, all updates are synced back to Salesforce. Learn more in the full blog post.

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Send Later Added to Our Lineup of Features for Outlook

We have a solution to keep you productive at your peak hours (or whenever you happen to be working outside of the usual 9-5) while ensuring your prospect receives their email at the optimal time: Send Later for Outlook. Now, when you send emails from Outlook using the Outreach add-in, you will be able to schedule the message to send at a later time. Read the full blog post for more.

Introducing a new way to sequence for better ABS and persona-lization

Now you can sequence prospects (individually or in groups) from the accounts page. What this means for you: an easier way to select multiple similar companies you want to reach out to and mindfully sequence targeted prospects or personas from those companies without spamming entire organizations. Read the full announcement to learn more about how to use this and our recommendations on how to add this into your ABS workflow.

Create a Trigger Upon Logging a Call


Triggers are an extremely powerful admin feature that allow you to automate action in Outreach, and now you can create triggers based on the event that a call is logged. When you create a trigger that fires in the event a call is logged, in addition to the prospect and account conditions, you'll have a list of call conditions to choose from, including purpose, disposition and more. Check out our support docs to get started.

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Last, but not least, this is an update to keep you up to date on all of our future updates (how meta!). Do you live and breathe in Outreach and want to be the first to know about exciting new features and major product releases we’re developing for you? Now we have an easy way to keep your whole team in the loop about our latest releases — our RSS News Feed for Slack (or your tool of choice). Read the full post to learn how to subscribe.

We’re excited to continue building new things to bring value to your teams, and we’re looking forward to sharing the updates we’ve got planned for you next month!

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