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Outreach Announces The Early Adopter Program, Allowing Early Access To The Newest Features

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Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy

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Today I'm really excited to announce the Outreach Private Beta program, which gives users early access to the newest product releases, as they roll out to production. Our team gets daily feedback around how frequently we roll out new product. Many of our customers want the earliest access possible to the most recent, and some folks prefer to have access after it's been a little more battle tested. As of today, if an organization requests Private Beta access, they will be the first in line to leverage new functionality the moment it hits production. In exchange we ask for feedback and perspectives that will influence our product roadmap, and help create a better experience, day after day. If you would like to be admitted to the Outreach Private Beta program, please have your sales admin email us at with a request. As always, we look forward to your feedback.