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December Product Round-Up

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We had a lot of things on our wish list this holiday season. Last month, the Outreach product team put on their Santa suits and delivered some delightful new features that are sure to extend your holiday cheer long after December -- and prepare you to crush your 2018 goals. No lumps of coal here!

Snippets and Inbox Bump for Outlook

We’re excited to bring our Outlook users some exciting new features that will increase productivity and organization when sending emails from your inbox: Snippets and Inbox Bump.

  • Snippets allow users to drop smaller bits of texts, links, or paragraphs, into emails to answer frequently asked questions with the click of a button. And now you can access them right from your Outlook inbox.
  • Inbox bump allows you to bump emails back to the top of your inbox, based on certain conditions, so you’ll never miss a follow up again! You can set emails to resurface to the top of your inbox if you don’t receive a reply in a certain amount of time. Also schedule a bump back to the top of your inbox within a certain time frame, whether or not you get a reply.

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Custom Caller ID

Improve your connection rate and cut costs by adding your own phone number into Outreach Voice Dialer. Users can now add a phone number they already own (personal or business) and assign it to their outbound caller ID, when using VOIP or Bridge.

By linking your caller ID with your personal office or cell phone number, give prospects a way to reach you easier when they call you back after a missed call.You can also increase international coverage in regions where Outreach’s voice provider, Twilio, doesn’t offer local phone numbers by importing your pre-owned international number into Outreach.

Learn how to set up your caller ID with a custom number in our support docs.

Custom Field Filters

Now, when you’re searching for prospects or accounts in their respective overview pages, you can sort and filter based on custom fields -- without writing a Boolean query or using other crazy syntax.


This update pulls custom field filtering down to the sort and filter sidebar on the Prospects and Accounts pages and allows you to select the custom field your want to filter by friendly names (rather than something like “custom id 5”).

Learn more in our support articles for custom filters in the prospects and accounts pages.

Shareable Smart Views

You can now set smart views to filter items owned by the “current user” to create smart views that dynamically change the assignee to the user viewing it. This update makes it easier for users to share smart views across a team and for managers to create and share smart views with their team.


Maintain Org Timezones when Pushing Data to SFDC

This update improves the accuracy of time stamps on data being pushed to Salesforce. Now, if an org has a timezone set up, any data pushed into Salesforce will maintain the listed time zone. If an org does not have a timezone set up (default), then the data is pushed up in UTC time, same as previous behavior.


Add New Prospects to Outreach right from Gmail

Now you can add new prospects to Outreach without leaving your Gmail inbox! Simply hover over the email thread to see the contact card of the sender - you’ll notice a new Outreach button to “Add as Prospect”. If the prospect already exists, the button will allow you to view prospect details in Outreach Everywhere instead. You can learn more in our support docs.


We're excited to hit 2018 running and bring our A-game in January with more exciting product releases for you to enjoy!

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