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January Product Round-Up

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Justin Huerter

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2019 is full steam ahead and on pace to finish out another amazing decade, minus one little hiccup (*cough* 35-day partial federal government shutdown). January was a busy, busy month! While you were finishing out the fiscal year strong or starting to chomp away at your Q1 quota, we were heads down launching products to better equip your team for success!

Here’s an overview into what Outreach launched in January: 

Team Performance Dashboard


Data is GOOD, but sometimes getting the data you need quickly can be difficult! We’re happy to announce the new Team Performance Dashboard, providing you a more comprehensive reporting dashboard to view your team and individual top line performance metrics - at a glance! Read our support article to see how you're being measured!

  • Managers can now easily see their team’s overall performance and identify the gaps between reps.
  • Reps can now measure their individual performance in the same lens as their managers, making conversations more engaging, actionable, and transparent.

"It gives me all the data that I need to lead my team effectively." Leigh Micheau, Sales Development Leader, Qualtrics

Team Meetings 


On average, reps spend over 5 hrs a week just scheduling meetings. That’s time taken away from what you do best, selling! Well, we’re here to help win back that time for you with our new Outreach Team Meetings! Team Meetings is a round robin scheduling tool that allows users to easily distribute meetings across all reps - with no manual effort or rep bias. Watch our "Intro to Team Meetings" educational video and read our support article to learn more.

Outreach + Drift Integration

Drift Screenshot 1

Outreach + Drift Integration

Our integration with Drift, the leading conversational marketing platform, is now live! Now you can drive real-time conversations through Outreach sequences and always follow up with prospects you chat with in Drift. Read our blog post for more. 

"Drift’s integration with Outreach helped bridge a gap in my workflow, which enabled me to reach out to our customers instantly." Marvin Lagunsad, Business Development Representative, Procurify

Phone number type extraction

Keep your prospects information accurate and up-to-date - with no effort! We’ve enhanced Outreach’s Amplify, Phone Number Extraction from Email Signature capability by using machine learning to identify the phone number type in the email signature and matching it with appropriate phone number associated to the prospect profile. Read our support articles to learn more. 

Email bounce notifications

Stop the bounces! Our new email bounce categorization notifies you when you email bounces and provides you’re a detailed description why, so you can prevent bounces from happening in the future! Read our support articles to learn more.

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