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How to Build a Better Sales Call Strategy with Outreach Kaia

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Cari Murray

Senior Manager of Content Marketing

What’s the most important thing you coach your reps on? Most sales managers have the same answer: Products and solutions.

Unfortunately, this training typically usually only happens when a rep onboards. By the time they take their first prospect call, new reps can only remember so many details about your products or solutions. Similarly, experienced reps might know the product inside and out but struggle to remember changes to the product positioning or messaging. 

It's normal to see reps become accustomed to the old way of pitching the product or solution, and they generally find it difficult to adapt. As new products and solutions launches, your reps are also expected to remember those key features, integration capabilities, and competitive differentiators too.

“I estimate we’re 30% more productive because we’re able to focus on the customer during the meeting and review accurate notes after the meeting for follow up.”
Michael Wilde, Senior Account Executive, Honeycomb

The result is information overload. We see that as reps struggle to field prospect questions on calls. In turn, buyers lose confidence — and purchasing interest. Your team needs a sales call strategy that empowers them to speak about your products and solutions with confidence, especially when you aren’t there.

Instill confidence in your reps with Outreach Kaia

Sales managers have seen productivity increases of up to 30% after adopting Outreach Kaia, a virtual assistant that guides reps to success using real-time intelligence.

When your reps launch the meeting, they see a companion experience that doesn’t show up for the buyer. During the call, your reps receive real-time support with administrative tasks (such as live transcriptions) and answers to prospect questions about products and solutions (through content cards). And afterward, they can deliver on all promises they made, thanks to automatically tracked action items and post-call meeting summaries for fast follow-up.

As a manager, Outreach Kaia gives you the ability to make reps better faster. Enabling real-time guidance, automating manual tasks, and providing critical insights brings coaching to life in a whole new way. 

Key features that aid in effective product positioning

There are two key features of Outreach Kaia that put accurate, winning product messaging in front of every rep: 

  • Live transcriptions — Automatically transcribe the entire call in real time and understand the context of what’s being said
  • Content cards — Surface the information reps need, exactly when they need it. This helps reps effectively position products and solutions, as well as answer competitive, integration, and capability questions

Let’s say a prospect asks, “Does Kaia sync back to the CRM?” Outreach Kaia picks up the keywords in the question and surfaces the right contentcard with the answer.

This enables your reps to answer questions accurately in the moment. It also helps increase buyer confidence because the rep was able to effectively answer the question in real time, not after the fact.

Identify best practices, then scale them

Sales managers often tell us, “I wish I could clone my best rep!” Outreach Kaia allows you to identify compelling moments in deals, in order to scale successes.

For example, you might review the transcription from one of your top-performing reps’ calls. At minute 5:03, you could find the perfect response to a common buyer objection. You could then take the rep’s response and use it to create a new content card your entire team can use when that same objection comes up in their calls.

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