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Best Practices: How to Follow-Up With Prospects Using Outreach in Gmail

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Jordan Greene

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Your sequence worked! You connect with a prospect and have a great conversation. Now it’s on you to keep the conversation going. You quickly jet off an email with next steps. They’re excited, they’ll get back to you. Right?

You move on to other work at hand and a couple weeks go by and what happened to that prospect? They fell through the cracks! Does this sound familiar? How many of these do you forget?! If you’re like most salespeople, emails often get lost in your inbox. You’re juggling dozens of conversations and a long list of prospects. It’s hard to keep track of it all. Even the hottest of leads are often left behind and go cold.

In fact, we know that as many as 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up (source: Scripted). That’s costly and means money is left on the table. We get it, we’ve been there. That’s why our focus at Outreach is to ensure you can manage your pipeline and stop losing leads. Leverage our best-in-class follow-up sequences to ensure you’re not dropping follow-ups and do it directly from your Gmail inbox.

Today’s “Best Practices” video highlights how to properly set up Follow-Up Sequences and leverage this capability in Gmail.

Note: We’ve upgraded the Gmail experience for customers in the Early Adopter Program. If you are in the program, you have access to this functionality and can use Outreach directly from Gmail’s native compose window without needing to turn on the Outreach toggle.

For customers not in the Early Adopter Program, this functionality exists in the current chrome extension using the toggle. If you’d like to add the native compose option, have an admin reach out to support to request access.

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