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April Product Round-Up

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We’ve got Unleash on our minds (T-3 days! Who else is pumped?!) but that didn’t distract our team one bit from releasing some killer new features this past month. Check them out below and to see some more things we’re cooking up, join us at the product roadmap session at Unleash!

Announcing Revenue Attribution: The Fastest Path to Predictable ROI

If you don’t have visibility into which activities are driving revenue, you can't guide your team through the right activities and steer them away from low value tasks. We’re on a mission to go beyond the status quo by enabling something that’s never before been possible: connecting your sales activities with revenue so you know which strategies are working, and you can invest your resources where they will have the highest revenue lift. By integrating Outreach activity data with Salesforce Opportunities, you can now see which sequences and sales activities influence your pipeline and determine which drive the most revenue lift.

Read the full announcement for more information.

Enhanced Inbox Security Options

We know that some companies have strict policies against employees sharing passwords with 3rd party tools. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest security-driven feature for your inbox: password-free login to your Exchange account through Outreach. Our password-free login is powered by Microsoft’s Exchange Impersonation setting to support organizations whose security blocks user passwords from being entered into external applications. Now Exchange users can connect their inbox to Outreach and send email directly from their email address without storing their password on Outreach.

Read the full post to learn more about this and our other security measures for your inbox.

Duplicate SFDC Contact Support and Prospect Remapping

Last month, we announced the ability to change the prospect’s mapping in Outreach to a different matching Salesforce contact. When a lead or contact from Salesforce is brought into Outreach, and we detect there is already a prospect with a matching email, we will notify you of this and allow you to change the prospect mapping in Outreach to the new contact or lead. When this occurs, users will see a dialog box alerting them that the prospect exists, and allowing them to choose which Salesforce record they want to map the Outreach record to. This will support our longer term initiative of providing duplicate record support for teams who have multiple reps working a single prospect.

Enhanced Activity Feed

We’re redesigning Outreach’s Activity Feed to help you stay on top of important engagements that matter the most to give you more visibility when working in Outreach. The new Activity Feed offers a more intuitive design, prominent icons, and advanced filtering, allowing users to easily access and filter activity performance in the following categories: Engagements, Notes, Record Updates and System updates.

Create Call Tasks on Email Opens & Link Clicks

We have added another call task trigger in the sequence ruleset.  You can now enable a new trigger for call tasks that will automatically create a call task with the assigned priority (high, normal, low), when a prospect clicks on a sequence email a certain number of times (similar to email opens).

We're looking forward to seeing you and sharing more at Unleash!